5 Types of Employee Benefits


Getting a job is a must after we finish high school. Working for eight or more hours a day then becomes our new daily routine. However, it is not the end of the story. As employees, we are entitled to benefits the company should give us once we work for them. These benefits are given in a non-wage form aside from the monthly salary that we get.

Job benefits are very important. They help us get through the days while rendering service to the company. These benefits come along once we become regular employees. Employers take a certain amount of the salaries of employees and use it for the benefits. You may also see employee scorecard templates.

There are many job benefits that employees can get. Here are the

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Top five benefits that most companies provide:

1. Healthcare.

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Above anything else, an employee’s major investments are his body and energy. Thus, health care is an important benefit for all employees. Just imagine working too hard and getting sick and spending your own pocket money for treatment. The company provides the health care benefit in the form of insurance. It covers check-ups, hospital confinement, surgeries, dental coverage, and other medical matters. Parents and children can even be included in the list of dependents in your health care benefit. They will be provided with the same benefits as yours in cases of emergencies. The amount of coverage depends on the health care plan that you purchase.

2. Housing.

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Companies can also give housing benefits to its employees. It is a big help, especially for those planning to settle in the city for good. Depending on the income, housing benefits range from paying the rent to purchasing a house itself. There are a lot of housing offers which you can slowly pay for over a period of time. Housing is very important when you want to have your own place rather than paying for rent. You may also see a certificate of appreciation.

3. Leave credits.

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Employees are entitled to leave credits upon regularization. These include both vacation leave and sick leave. Unused leaves are usually converted to cash at the end of the year. Just a little piece of advice: use up your leave credits as much as you can. Go on vacation to breathe some fresh air and clear your mind of stress so you can come to work with a brand-new perspective. You may also like a letter of intent for a job.

4. Retirement.

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Employees get retirement benefits at the end of their employment. There are several retirement plans that are available for purchase. Just choose which one best suits your budget and needs.

5. Flexibility.

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Companies offer flexibility in the workplace in the case of emergencies. For example, when an employee falls ill, the company will allow them to take some time in recovering. This will prevent financial stress on the employees.

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These are just some of the benefits that we employees get in the span of our working lives. While these benefits are to be used for our own convenience, let us also not forget to give our best effort at work, whatever it may be so we can show that we fully deserve these great benefits.

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