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  1. Invoice Template Bundle
  2. 5 Steps to Write a Legal Invoice Template
  3. 6+ Legal Invoice Templates
  4. 1. Legal Invoice Template Sample
  5. 2. Legal Service Invoice Example
  6. 3. Legal Invoice for Attorneys
  7. 4. Legal Invoice for Attorneys at Law
  8. 5. Legal Invoice for Law Firms
  9. 6. Attorney Invoice Sample
  10. 7. District Court Legal Invoice

6+ Legal Invoice Templates

The importance of legal invoices is unquestionable. In fact, legal documents and formalities must be dealt with best practices only. Also, such critical papers are best handled by a self/organization and not outsourced to the third party. It is a good idea to learn how to create a legal consulting invoice template so that your dependency is under control and you reflect a very professional approach to your clients. So here’s all you need to know to create our own legal invoice.

Invoice Template Bundle

invoice template bundle 788x510
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Invoicing is a skill that when done right can get you your money. It is what your customers see for what they must pay. Thus, the idea of having a well-designed personalized invoice template is always on the table. Making an invoice template is easier than you think. Here are 5 steps that explains how to make a legal invoice

Step 1: Design the Template Very Mindfully

The design of the template is very important since it is the first thing that anybody looking at your invoice notices. A well-designed template is easy to read and interpret and gives the reader a complete understanding of what is he/she to pay. The design must not be overdone, but just enough for your invoice to be appealing.

Step 2: Choose the Right Font for Best Readability

Readability is one thing that is non-negotiable when it comes to invoicing. If the font you’re using is not easy to read, your customers would lose interest immediately. Some may not even bother to read. Thus, chose a font that is smart, clear and goes with the design of your template.

Step 3: Don’t Ignore Your Branding

Your branding deserves a place on your invoice. It should speak for you and must give our all relevant information pertaining to your profession/firm. Your legal invoice template is not just a paper giving out payment numbers but also much more than that. Thus, ensure proper branding of your Legal template.

Step 4: Check Your Space Utilization

Your invoice has limited space. But that space can be utilized nicely to accommodate all the information you intend for it to carry. This way, the document won’t look cramped nor would it have a lot of empty spaces. A professional looking invoice always creates a positive impression on your client.

Step 5: Formatting is the Key to a Professional Looking Invoice

You can get everything right, but if the formatting is not right it can easily take the whole work down in vain. On the other hand, a properly formatted invoice can make it look very professional thereby meaning serious business. Thus, don’t underestimate your formatting and get it right every time you create an invoice for continued success.

legal invoice template sample
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A very professional looking legal invoice template with neatly marked areas for Bill to, Law Office Name and other details. The colour scheme of the template can be customized for whatever you wish. In fact, the colour palette is very important as it speaks for you/your firm. Also, the design has enough space below to mention the terms and conditions so that both parties are on the same page.

legal service invoice example
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Size: A4 & US

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This sample invoice template is slightly different from the one above. It is bold and clear in whatever needs to be a part of an invoice template. The top of the page may contain your company logo and address while the bottom part would mostly house the details of the service. There is also a section of additional charges that are levied on your customers so that he/she is aware of those as well.

legal invoice for
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  • PDF

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This is another simple and elegant sample legal invoice that can add a professional touch to your firm operations. It contains the company logo right in the top middle section of the page followed by Invoice details below. The design also contains a description section where you may put any text that you want your customer to know.

legal invoice for attorneys at
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  • DOC

Size: 26KB

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This legal billing template is more on the informative side and less on design. It gives the impression that your firm means serious business. The spaces are well utilized with scope for including loads of information. It is simple, clean and easy for anyone to refer and understand. However, you may customize this legal invoice template slightly to suit your company font, logo and other details.

legal invoice for law
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  • PDF

Size: 90KB

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If you are associated with a law firm, you must consider this sample invoice template for your invoices. It is cleverly designed to include all details that any invoice must contain. The top part contains your firm details and the owners / key people. The next part of the design gives more details on who the invoice is addressed to and the rates. Overall, this template can be easily customized for your firm.

6. Attorney Invoice Sample

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 53KB

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This sample standard invoice design is very well laid out. It looks professional and well organized. The page is divided into various sections such as hearing disposition, reimbursement rate, description, disclaimer etc. The design also has scope where you can include a header and footer inside the margins to give more details to the intended recipient.

district court legal
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  • PDF

Size: 361KB

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Last but not least, this legal invoice template is best for big attorney firms. It contains detailed information about the Defendant, appointed attorney, various dates, mileage, parking and a full page of instructions to go with it. It is not very attractive looking law firm invoice template but is very popular among big law firms for their invoices.

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