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How to Make an Individual Training Plan

Every company has to make sure that their employees are performing at a pace that will meet the defined expectations. However, it’s not as simple as one thinks. There will always be those employees that may not be able to live up to the expected standards of the company.

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If this the case, then managers will have to do what they can to make sure that these people develop into the employees that the company wants them to be. This is why they have to come up with individual training plans and this article is going to focus on how you are going to make one. You may also see sample Training Plan Templates

Individual Training Plan Sample

How to Create an Effective Individual Training Plan

There is no employee in an office that’s exactly the same as another. Each employee has his own set of skills and abilities that make him unique and allow him to do his job. There might come a time when one of them may not be performing as well as the company would hope. In the event that you notice these types of employees in your company, then you’ll have to provide a training plan that will cater to their needs. So, here are the steps that will help you create an effective individual training plan for your employees. You may also see Employee Training Schedule Templates.

Perform a Needs Assessment

If you want to create a training plan, then you have to perform a training needs assessment. There have been many instances wherein managers came up with a training plan, yet they didn’t even know the problems that their employees are facing. This is even more concerning if they are coming up with individual training plans for employees as they all have different needs or problems that they have to face. You may also see Training Action Plan Templates

Doing a training needs assessment is a four-step process. Those steps would be the following:

  • Identifying a goal that each of these employees has to reach for
  • Determining all of the tasks that each individual employee will have to complete so that they may accomplish their own goals
  • Determining what will help each of these employees in achieving their individual goals
  • Learning about the most effective way in which you will be able to get these employees to learn what they have to do to achieve their smart goals.

Develop their Individual Learning Objectives

Before you start creating individual employee training plans, you will have to come up with learning objectives for each of your employees. You may also see Workout Schedule Template

Learning objectives are a list of things that employees must be able to do once they have been able to complete their training. So, when you’re creating the content of what your employees will need to learn, you have to focus on these objectives and nothing else. Also, remember that you are making an individual training plan so these objectives will differ with every employee. Let us say that an employee in sales is having a problem with reaching the quota by the end of the week and then you have another in customer service who isn’t exactly communicating well with customers. Obviously, the two differ in terms of what they need to be able to do, so you have to make sure that you come up with objectives that cater to each. You may also see How to Create an Annual Training Plan.

To put it in the most simple terms, make individual objectives that cater to each employee and make sure that they are able to accomplish them. Having an objective gives them a direction they should be heading toward, allowing them to know what it is they need to do in order to meet company expectations. You may also see How to Use a Free Employee Training Plan.

Design Your Training Materials

This is the part where you think about how you can make the training as effective as possible. You also have to remember that different employee learns faster depending on the method. So this means you’re going to need to completely understand the best methods that will allow employees to understand what it is they need to learn at a much faster pace. So, when you are designing your training materials, here are the following points that you have to keep in mind: How to Make a Staff Training Plan.

  • Always focus on the individual needs of every employee and what will make it easier for them to learn
  • Only create content that relates to their objectives
  • If possible, try to have as many hands-on activities that will allow your employees to engage in the learning process rather than just having them hear about what they have to learn
  • Make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for your employees to provide feedback in regards to your training plan
  • Be sure that the training materials that you are going to use are well organized so that your employees will have an easier time in following whatever it is they have to learn
  • Try to appeal to a variety of your employees’ senses during the training agenda. The best way is to make us of all senses to ensure that they are able to take in all of the information
  • Make sure that the approach that you take in your training is one that suits the specific employee along with his/her needs You may also see Training Program Schedule Templates.

Develop the Training Materials

Once you have come up with what you think are the best training materials for these individual employees, the next step would be you have to develop them. You have to make sure that they are all properly developed so that they can help your employees understand and reach their objectives during the actual training. Create all of the training materials that you need to match with each individual employee. So here are a couple of training material examples:

  • You may decide to make use of Microsoft Programs such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Powerpoint. These are some of the best tools that will allow you to outline what it is your employees need to do as well as allowing the trainers to know of the proper procedures they should follow when teaching these employees
  • Other materials that you will need on during the hands-on segments of your training plan (assuming that the employee requires it). Make sure that you choose the right materials to help you with the hands-on segment and one that’s relevant to the employee’s training
  • Pie charts, flip-charts, transparencies, or any other computer-generated graphics that you will use as visual aids  during the individual training session

You need to stop and think as to which of these training materials will best suit the individual employee as one might not prove to be as effective with another employee. If you think that making use of all of them is the best way to go about in tackling this then go ahead and utilize whatever you find useful. Just make sure that the ones you have chosen are able to let these employees learn what they need to understand in the most effective way.  Also, they should be ones that will help these employees develop into the people that you want them to be. you may also see Training Strategy Templates

Implement the Training

This is the point of the plan where you will have to announce that certain employees will need to attend their individual training sessions. You have to make sure that you don’t just spring the information out of nowhere and give them enough time to digest the information. Make sure that they have enough time to finish whatever work they have and that they have no personal matters that could prevent them from attending. Workout Schedule Template

You need to tell the managers or supervisors who will be involved in training ahead of time as well. Then you’ll have to prepare the location as to where these employees will have their individual training sessions, the necessary supplies, and possibly even plan out the food and drinks for the training.

Evaluation of the Training

Now, this is the part where you need to figure out just how effective your training plan was. There are many methods in which you will be able to gather information with regard to just how useful the individual training was. There are two ways that you can do this. One is by going the direct route and simply asking these employees what they thought about their own training sessions, or you could go with having them complete employee surveys. All you have to do is make sure that the questions you provide in these surveys are ones that will work for all of the individual training plans that you have made. Just make sure that you’re able to make questions that will give you all of the information that will tell you whether your training plan was effective or not.

If you would like to learn how to create an individual training plan or anything that’s related to this particular topic, then all you have to do is go through any of our available articles on our site until you are able to gather all of the information that you need to help you and your business out. You may also see Training Agenda Templates.

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