5 Marketing Agreement Templates

Marketing should never be underestimated by any general company. It goes beyond basic advertising and promotion as it also involves product development and analyzing how external factors such as government policies, competitors, and environmental changes affect the sustainability of the product. Simple Marketing is a key component not only for a company’s product, but also for the company itself.

The most successful companies partner or collaborate with other companies in terms of raw materials and human resources. Outsourcing is a common practice among companies as some of them do not have enough enough capital or expertise to constantly supply their own resources for daily operations. For example, automotive car dealers do not manufacture their own cars, so they partner with the manufacturers themselves so that the cars will be sold in their respective dealerships.

Agreements or contracts are commonly used in business transactions. They are legally binding and make sure each party strictly follow their obligations as listed in the agreement or contract. Marketing agreements are important tools for a company to succeed, so here are some multipurpose marketing agreements you can use for your own company or if you are planning to conduct an independent market research for an organization.

Advertising and Marketing Agreement Template


Joint Marketing Agreement Template


Non-exclusive Marketing Agreement Template


Vendor Agreement Template


Business Investment Agreement Template


How to write an effective marketing agreement

Marketing agreements are vital for a company’s sustainability. An effective marketing agreement contains detailed information that will assist the company in achieving its long-term goals setting, specifically in enhancing products and services to fit an ever-changing customer base. Here are some tips on how to write an effective marketing agreement.

Use SWOT analysis

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. SWOT analysis is one of the most utilized tools in marketing which analyzes both internal and external environment factors. Recommendations are then made based on thoe analysis. Having a SWOT analysis in your marketing agreement will help you in coming up with better proposals.

Indicate how both parties can benefit from the agreement

If you are making the marketing agreement, clearly indicate how both parties can benefit from it. Make sure to list down in detail how both parties can profit from the business partnership and make sure the benefits are attainable. If both parties are satisfied with the result of the general agreement after it ends, then chances are another agreement can be struck between the two parties.

Be careful with financial forecasts

Simple Marketing agreements may or may not include financial forecasts, but it is better if financial forecasts are included to make it more detailed and both parties can see the potential earnings of the business agreement. But making financial forecasts is quite tricky as too conservative forecasts fare similarly as too optimistic forecasts—they may not be accepted by one party, which makes the agreement difficult to finalize. How do you remedy this situation? Gather previous financial data from the general company and use it to make the financial forecast. Using previous data for future predictions are also a risk, but they are your best bet in making more reasonable and accurate forecasts.

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