5 Product Marketing Proposal Templates

Marketing is essential for any business. It does not only promote the business product, but it also identifies its strengths and weaknesses. It analyzes the opportunities and threats that competitors and other external business factors bring as well. Although sometimes established products sell by themselves due to having a large customer base, most products need to rely heavily on business marketing.

Generally Proposals are commonly used in business transactions. In essence, a business proposal is a written document given to a prospective client or buyer. The most profitable and successful companies are the ones which tap other companies to expand their portfolio. It all starts with the proposal as one company might want to offer an investment, a partnership or merger, or operational assistance (financial, marketing, human resource, etc.) to another company. In this case, one company may indicate in the proposal that it wants to extend marketing assistance which includes marketing research and product development.

Here are some product marketing proposal templates you can use if you are planning to make a proposal for your own business.

Social Media Marketing Proposal Template


Product Marketing Proposal Template


Marketing Proposal Template


Joint Marketing Agreement Template


Non-exclusive Marketing Agreement Template


How to write an effective marketing proposal

Writing an effective strategic marketing proposal is not difficult, but it can be a tedious process. But, with the following tips, you should have an easier time of making your own marketing proposals, so read on.

List down the basic client information

The most basic information you should never omit in a simple proposal is listing your company and your prospective client or buyer’s business portfolio details. The details include the client or company name, products or services, business address, contact number, website and online portfolio details, number of years in operation, and number of employees (if applicable). Listing down all this information will paint a clearer picture of the direction of the proposal and what it wants to achieve.

Clearly state what you want to achieve

Speaking of what you want to achieve, proposals always have an end goal. Clearly state in your proposal what your eventual goal setting is and how you are going to achieve that goal. Avoid general statements or conclusions.

Include long-term analysis

Product marketing proposals should not only focus on the product’s immediate impact. A long-term analysis should also be included in the proposal for the product. This will give a potential investor a long-term view of your business plans.

Do not forget to incorporate the seven marketing P’s

Since you will be writing a marketing business proposal, do not forget the seven P’s which revolve around marketing, otherwise known as the marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence). The marketing mix will aid you in making a better proposal as it provides a clear outline example on what you want to achieve. The seven P’s in the marketing mix allows for better market analysis which will produce better results and recommendations in the proposal.

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