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The agents of a real-estate agency require invoices of their due commission which needs to be completed within the deadline so that the agents, brokers, and realtors get the payment after a deal is closed. You need to calculate the commission of the agents upon agreement with the client.

However, the amount of commission needs to be paid to the Real Estate Brokerage instead of the agent itself. To avoid confusion and to know more about the formats of such invoices, you can use invoice templates to create your required invoices.

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6 Steps to Create a Real Estate Agent Invoice

Step 1: Identify the Two Parties

A real estate agent invoice requires to recognize the two parties between whom the transaction took place. You can make two columns in the document for convenience. On the left side write the name of the client and organization, while to the right side, write down the details of the agent. The details would include adding the name, address and contact number of both parties for verification.

Step 2: Details of Transaction

After the parties have been identified, we need to include the details of the transaction. You can do this by creating a table of five columns with the following labels: ‘Sl. No’., ‘Property Type’, ‘Square Feet’, ‘Commission Rate’ and ‘Prices’. You need to fill in the columns with accurate information so that you can calculate the commission properly.

Step 3: Terms and Conditions

In any sample invoice, you should also mention the terms and conditions of the transaction that was agreed upon by both parties. Note down the period of the transaction made the due date of commission, the payment method or even the bank account details where the money has to be transferred.

Step 4: Authorization

Authorization is very important in any invoice. After the terms and conditions are laid down, a company’s representative who has been authorized as an agent should sign at the end of the invoice to make it an official document. On the other side of the page, the client or customer is supposed to provide his signature.

Step 5: Mention Duties

The invoice should also contain the duties and responsibilities of the agent. You should also mention the nature of the work that the agent has done, like conducting the deal with the client, getting the services done, and also closing the deal. Explaining the nature of the agent’s duties makes the invoice more effective.

Step 6: Follow-Ups

After you provide an invoice to your client, the only task remains is the follow-up. Follow-ups are necessary to remind the client about the due commission. You can send follow-up emails to the client after two or three business days of sending the invoice if unfortunately, the payment is still delayed

4+ Real Estate Agent Invoice Templates

1. Real Estate Agent Invoice Template

real estate agent invoice template1
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Size: A4 & US


Working in any sales or marketing company, providing invoices is mandatory after any deal or purchase has been made. These invoices contain all the details of payment and transaction between the agent of the company and the client. Download this Real Estate Agent invoice template in Google Docs format, also available in multiple other file formats as well. It’s just a simple document which you can use to send your clients the amount they need to pay you!

2. Real Estate Agent Invoice Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 37 KB


If you are looking for a real estate invoice for the latest deal made with your client, you can utilize our ready-made Real Estate Agent Invoice Example in PDF format. It has a simple layout with a formal content divided into separate columns where you can input the details of the transaction and payment amount. If you like working with some other file format, then you should explore out other invoices in Photoshop file for your Adobe editing software!

3. Tax Real Estate Agent Invoice Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 319 KB


When you start earning, you need to provide a certain amount of tax to the government. However, keeping a track of the tax amounts in one single document payable every month can be tedious for anyone. But you can download this Tax Real Estate Agent Invoice Template which you can access in several formats including our invoices in MS Excel or Word for your Microsoft devices. All you need to do is get this template and use it on time!

4. Real Estate Agent Invoice Template in PDF

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 185 KB


Our Real Estate Agent Invoice Template in PDF format has been designed for your convenience so that you can easily understand how to draft and use an invoice after closing a deal. We have a variety of formats that you can use for this purpose like the invoices in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and edit the way you want to! These invoice layouts are quite professional and provide you with all the information you need to know about the terms and conditions required to follow during closing a deal!

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