15+ Creative Resume Examples which will get you the Job you are Looking For!

Are you looking for a job and tired of rejections? If you are then here is a little creative solution for your problem. You might not be getting that job because your resume is plain and lacks creativity irrespective of huge achievement and experiences you have. This world is full of competition and an artistic resume can make you stand out. So revamp your resume with the help of 21+ creative resume examples which will get you the job you are looking for! Have a look at these beautiful creative resumes.

creative resum design fi

Server Creative Resume Design Download

server creatiev resume design downloadSource

This server creative resume is so creative that it depicts the personality. It has got everything needed in it with best of fonts and the text is nothing less than witty. Want to try?

Coding Experimental Creative Resume

coding experimental creative resumeSource

Are you a designer and you code. Well this piece of creativity will amaze you. This resume has been coded and carries all the information of the candidate who’s applying the job. Go through this resume.css !

Graphic and Web Software Creative Resume

graphic and web software creative resumeSource

This resume will land you the job you are looking for. It is beautifully crafted. It has got category and the job aspirant has rated himself in his learnings. That shows the trait of the creative people.

Infographic Resume Creative Design

infographic resume creative designSource

Michael Anderson has applied for infographics and has illustrated his resume as an art. All his resume is listed with the infographics beautifully.

Designer Creative Resume on Cup

desiner creative resume on cup

Looking for a job. Pass this unique resume with a cup of coffee. Very creative and innovative design.

Ocean Creative Curriculum Vitae Design

ocean creative curriculum vitae designSource

This creative curriculum vitae design is full of amazing text and uniqueness inside the ocean. It has an octopus and a girl which is adding more beauty to the design.

Web Designer & Developer Resume

web designer developer resumeSource

Can you be any better than Mohammed Mahgoub? He has put down every detail of him with grace and full of design.

Marketing Creative Resume Design Download

marekting creative resume design downloadSource

This girl knows how to get to that job. Her resume is scribbled on the note pad. And everything is listed perfectly which all her employee demands. And that cute picture of her is making it more beautiful.

Digital Marketing Creative Resume

digital marketing creative resumeSource

This Digital Marketing Creative Resume is as clean as it could be. Though it will remind you of the wedding card but it speaks creativity. Isn’t?

Danger Creative Resume Design

danger creative resume designSource

Francis Homo Creative Resume

francis homo creative resumeSource

Creative ic ART Resume Creative Design

creative ic art resume creative designSource

Graphic Designer Best Creative Resume

graphic designer best creative resumeSource

Emergency Design of Curriculum Vitae

emergency design of curriculum vitaeSource

Infographic Awesome Creative Resume Design

infographic awesome creative resume designSource