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Your resume is your ticket to your dream job, so every effort you make to ensure that the resume stands out is worthwhile. Creativity is a powerful spice to bring out the best impact from your resume, and the world of creative resume templates available online ensure that. Check out subtly coloured resume templates with broad irregularly shaped content boxes to catch the interviewer’s and the prospector’s attention. Then, you’ll find creative resume templates with sharp lines separating out vital resume elements in style, this adding a design makeover along with a blessing of easy readability to the resume. Trust contemporary resumes with all kinds of text shapes and colours running the show on a theme based background to appeal to employers who’re bound to be impressed by creativity. You can see also Creative resume template.

Ultra Creative Clean Resume

ultra clean resume

Stylish Creative Resume

stylish resume

Creative Retro Style Resume

retro style resume

Professional Resume Bundle for $30

16 resume bundle

Hr Manager Resume

hr manager resume

Modern Assistant Manager Resume

modern assistant manager resume

Professional One Page Resume Template

one page resume template1 This template format available with the free fonts is easily downloadable. it is a one page precise resume that gives each bit of detail on the very front page.

Trendy High School Teacher Resume Template

high school teacher resume The template is in Word. It has the option to input details of graduate, doctoral, postdoctoral, doctoral research. Also offers to add a digital signature using free download creative CV resume. You can see also Microsoft word resume templates.

High School Resume / CV Template

high school resume template This resume in Word can be downloaded from web. It has a layout to write details for your qualification, achieved honors, participations in a reverse chronological manner. 

Creative Federal A4 Resume Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • DOC
  • Publisher

Free Download

A 2 pages template format with CMYK color theme that makes it more intresting to read.

Modern Carpenter Resume Template

carpenter resume template
File Format
  • PSD
  • DOC
  • Publisher

Free Download

Available in A4 paper size format, it offers good space for writing details.

Attractive Project Manager Resume Mockup

projectIt is a simple, print ready and easisly editable and elegant format. You get the option to write details of initiation date, project manager, meeting schedules, to-do etc. It can be downloaded from the web.  

Premium Construction Manager Resume Template

constructionThe format only make use of free fonts and users just need to put in information on a A4 sheet.

Printable Customer Service  Resume Template

customer resume mockup 788x766CV plus Cover template format offers ample of white space, two columns and various sections for headings.You can see also customer service resume templates.

Doctor Resume + Cover Letter Template

doctor resume template This print ready and editable Cover letter plus CV enables to make a well formatted, concise and readable template. The pre-included fonts does not make it look overcrowded and difficult for the employer to trawl through. 

Hair Stylist Resume / CV Template

hair stylist resume   This template format is perfect for a hair stylist to showcase the creativity on a superbly aligned typography page layout. The template is printable and editable.   

HVAC Engineer Resume / CV Template

hvac engineer resume template Free for use template offers high resolution files and editing options.

Manager Resume / CV Template

manager resume template
File Format
  • PSD
  • DOC
  • Publisher

Free Download

This template is Simple yet unique. The high resolution files and ready to print makes it amazing. The aligned typography makes it completely look data-driven to enter managerial skills, job specification etc.

HTML5 Developer Resume Template

html5With 10psd icons, the template layout is print ready CMYK and is open to further editing. 

.Net Developer Resume Template

netPre-added icons, free fonts, high resolution files, print ready all together makes it super easy to use this template format. 

App Developer Resume Template

app developer resume template Users just need to enter details. It is in CMYK ready for print.

Java Developer Resume / CV Template

java developer resume template
File Format
  • PSD
  • DOC
  • Publisher

Free Download

PHP Developer Resume Template


Professional Software Developer Resume Template

software developer resume template 

Professional Web Developer Resume / CV Template


WordPress Developer Resume / CV Template

wordpress developer resume template 

Creative Golf Caddy Resume Template

golfcaddy 788x1104

Creative Marketing Analyst Resume Template

marketing analyst resume
File Format
  • PSD
  • DOC
  • Publisher

Free Download

> Creative Photographer Resume Template

photographer resume template
File Format
  • PSD
  • DOC
  • Publisher

Free Download

Production & Data Analysis Resume / CV Template

production and data analysis resume 

12 Creative Resume Templates Only for $25

12 creative resume bundle only for 25

Editable Architecture Resume

architecture resume [

Creative Director Resume

creative director resume template

Clean Designer Resume / CV

creativer designer

Professional Designer Resume / CV

desigenr resume template

Clean Developer Resume / CV Template


Software Engineer Resume / CV Template

engineer resume template

Unique Artist , Designer, Entrepreneur Resume Template


Customizable Art Director Resume Template

fancy art director resume

Professional Fashion Designer Resume Template


Professional Graphic Designer Resume / CV Template

graphic designer resume1

Marketing Executive Resume


Print Ready Photographer PSD Resume


Professional Presentation Designer Resume Template

editable presentation designer resume

IT Project Manager Resume Template

project manager reume template

Web Designer Resume


These resume templates come to you in PSD, AI, Word and other formats, thus allowing you to make adjustments as per your requirements.

Creative Resume Template for UX Designer

creative resume3

If you are planning a contemporary appeal with your resume, this sample creative resume would impress both you and your potential employers- with its color bars, symbols and neat presentation.

Free Creative Resume Template

free creative resume template2

This free creative resume template example comes in a catchy booklet form that will instantly distinct your resume from that of your competitors. Its charts and tables will help in organizing detailed data without mess.

Consultant Creative Resume Template

creative resume2

This free download creative resume template has taken the format of a website, thereby rendering a unique appeal to your CV. You will also get to place your picture here.

Creative Resume Template

creative resume template11

Creative Infographic Resume Template

creative infographic resume template

Administrative Assistant Resume Template

creative resume0

Creative Resume / CV PSD Template

creative resume cv psd template

Creative Designer Resume CV Template

creative designer resume cv template

Creative Business Resume Template

creative business resume template with 3 color options

Creative Resume Template

creative resume template1

Creative Nanny Resume

creative nanny resume

Creative Resume Templates

creative resume templates with cover letters

Creative Resume

creative resume

Creative Resume Template

creative resume template2

Creative Resume Templates for Word

creative resume templates for word

Creative Resume Template

creative resume template1

Creative Resume Template

creative resume template

Creative Resume Template

creative resume template

Creative resume template with cover letter CV template in Stripes

creative resume template with cover letter cv template in stripes

Creative Resume Template and Cover Letter Template for Word

creative resume template and cover letter template for word

Creative Resume + Cover Letter

creative resume cover letter template psd format

Creative Resume Template with Clean

creative resume template with clean

Not only do contemporary stylish resumes organize bulky information neatly, but also offer you elements such as graphs, charts and colour bars to communicate your message with more impact. Experiment with all kinds of theme based creative resume templates spread across categories such as banking, advertisement, sales, information technology, marketing consulting and what not. There are resumes and there are creative resumes. The distinction between the two is a big one. Those in the creative industry will know what is being talked about here. If you’re setting foot in an industry for the first time, you ought to know that the resumes which make rounds in every industry are the creatively-designed ones. If you need ideas and references for designing a creative resume, our compilation of templates should be just sufficient

Creative Dark Resume Template

creative resume1

Creative Resume Design

creative resume design

Timeline Creative Resume

timeline creative resume

Creative Résumé Template

creative résumé template indd format download

Creative Resume to Highlight Career Path

creative resume to highlight career path

Creative Pink Resume

creative pink resume and cv

Creative Resume Template for Designer

creative resume1

Creative Resume & Matching Letterhead

creative resume matching letterhead

Creative Resume Design

creative resume design1

Simple and Colorful Resume

simple and colorful resume

Print Ready Resume Templates with Creative Flare

print ready resume templates with creative flare

Creative Executives’ Resume

creative executives resume template psd format download

Simple PSD Resume Template for Designers

creative resume template with clean1
Some of these templates are available for free of cost while others come for a price. Using these templates you can either create a new resume or can also edit an existing one as per the requirements.  No matter whether you are a fresher and looking for your first job or a candidate with experience in the field, a creative resume template will surely help you to draft a well detailed and an impressive resume.

If you are on a look out for a dream job in a top notch company, you will have to dust off your old resume and provide it a modern refreshing touch with creative CV template download that goes with the current protocols of creative resume designing. But how can you be so assured that out of all the candidates you have that power resume that not just catches your “would be” employer’s eye at once but also make it stand out from the rest of the applicants. You just need to be cautions with your designed resume template, verbs and phrases you use in it and must ethically comply with what is universally accepted by most institutions, employer’s, hiring managers or other organizations.

> Uses

  • Visually attractive Resume layouts are significant to companies, interviewers and hiring managers to get an insight about your personality, Skills, qualities, abilities, weak points and attitude towards challenges and opportunities.
  • A professionally designed resume can get the employer’s/interviewer’s eye off from the pile of other CV’s placed on his/her table.
  • With a printable creative resume, an applicant is able to deliver much more information about qualifications, skills, achievements and goals than he could do himself verbally.

> Types

A function creative CV can be optimally used if an applicant’s has served to various organizations for brief periods as a functional CV does not demand to all of jobs and instead you can just add up the entire experience and skills you have gained. The template for creative resume free word download can be brought to use by applicants who have served to organizations that are not related to each other, have gaps in career history and also for those who seek to change careers completely. The templates can be formed in Word, excel, PPT, pdf as per usage.

> Tips

Keep your creative psd resume simple, easy-to-read, elegant and alluring by making your CV a representative of your academic as well as professional accomplishments. Do not end up just giving your past accomplishment but also mention your future aspirations so that the future employers can immediately scan your aimer’s attitude and give it off you the vacancy. Give away a Black and white CV as it looks monotonous, and go pink resume template which looks modern and eye catchy.

> How to Create

First of all find a format for editable creative resume that is suitable for. Start with a powerful summary to appear like a daunting prospect. Mention your personal profile and then place your qualification details for interviewer’s notice. It is better to put your name, address and contact details at the bottom of your CV

> Do’s and Don’t’s

Highlight your strong skills and unique selling proposition that truly relate to the profile you are applying for. Use a creative resume template download, to highlight your objectives, aspirations or information that is not given in the rest of the CV. Jobseekers need to be utterly careful while being creative in their resume creation as There is a thin line between creativity and crashing it up. You can be creative in your CV but ultimately you are to cater to the probable employer so do not gamble on the resume template drafting and go for a creative fashion resume download.

> Purpose of Resume

You can use a resume to flaunt your talents as well as to hide your flaws. In this digital era, your resume needs to be communicative more than you do as the Social Media savvy organizations now shortlist applicants through social Networking platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterst, Facebook and Twitter etc. If you have got the right skills, list of achievements, experience and qualifications then a creative resume can do wonders for your job placement.

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