Flat Resume Template – 31+ Free Samples, Examples, Format Download!

As flat designs continue to stamp their authority and success in contemporary design domains, even Resume Templates are feeling the concepts of flat design knocking on the door. PSD Flat Resumes Templates are the new craze, primarily because of the immediate attention they gather, and also because they are inherently suited to present multi-layered and blocked information neatly.

The two most obvious design aspects of flat resume examples that manage to excite the fancy of job seekers and interviewers alike are the borderless design and full length boxes that present coherent information. Explore the complete spectrum of shades, most of them taking cues from the light blue shades that effortlessly evoke a sense of professionalism, and make your resume stand out, riding on flat design.

Sample Resume Formats

Chronological Resume Templates

Modern Resume Template for Creative Careers

  • modern resume template for creative careers

This sample modern resume template for creative careers looks really smart with its website-like design that also adds on a cutting-edge appeal to the CV. It’s soothing outlook is admirable.

The Brianna Douglas Resume Template

  • the brianna douglas resume template

This free download Brianna Douglas resume template would be handy when you have to mention a lot about your detailed professional experience. The column structure looks clean and the symbols are fun.

Resume Flat Design

  • Resume Flat Design

Flat Resume with Massive look

  • flat resume with massive look

Flat and Clean Resume

  • Flat and Clean Resume

Simple Flat Design Resume

  • simple resume

Flat Resume/CV Template

  • Flat Resume CV Template

Flat Resume and Cover Letter

  • Flat Resume and Cover Letter

Flat Resume

  • Flat Resume

Flat Resume – CV Template

  • flat resume cv template1

Resume – Flat Design

  • Resume - Flat Design

Flat and Clean Resume

  • Flat and Clean Resume

Flat Resume Template

  • Flat Resume Template

Flato – Responsive Resume

  • Flato - Responsive Resume

Flat resume – CV

  • Flat resume - CV

Flat resume designs smartly use text shapes, colour bars, timelines, and dotted lines along with headers and footers, blending all these design elements perfectly to create winning resumes. Flat design resumes come in packaged that offer PSD, AI and other popular formats, apart from subtle variations in terms of layouts, peripheral pages such as cover letters and referenced, and background shades.

Flat design resumes are ideal for job applications in the creative design industry. Of course, with theme based resumes flaunting flat designs, you can even hope to crack banking, advisory, consultancy and technical interviews, riding on the killer first impressions you make.

Flat Resume Template

  • Flat Resume Template

Free Flat Resume PSD Template with CV

  • Free Flat Resume PSD Template with CV

Flat Resume

  • Flat Resume

Ara-Flat Resume Template

  • ara flat resume template

Flat Style Resume

  • Flat Style Resume

Flat & Minimal Resume

  • Flat & Minimal Resume

The Alice Resume Template

  • the alice resume template

This free Alice resume template presents a modern website-like format, rendering an interesting twist to the CV. The brown & white combo looks striking and the symbols on the left have upped the edgy quotient.

Flat Resume

  • Flat Resume & Business Card

FlatCV – vCard Resume PSD Template

  • FlatCV

CV Flat Template

  • cv110380

Clean Flat Resume

  • Clean Flat Resume

Flat Resume

  • Flat Resume

Simple Flat Resume

  • Simple Flat Resume

CV Template Cover Letter

  • CV110270

Resume Flat Web Design

  • Resume Flat Web Design

Flat Resume – Virtual Business Card PSD

  • 04-flat-resume-virtual-business-card-psd

Simple & Clean Resume

  • Simple & Clean Resume

Trigger Resume -Flat Design

  • Flat design resume

With economic slowdown across the globe, getting the attention of the potential employer and landing to a good job is really difficult and in such scenarios, a well detailed and visually appealing resume plays a very important role.

If you wish to make your resume stand apart from the thousand others and impress the interviewer you need to be really cautious about drafting a resume.  Flat resume samples will surely help to showcase your credentials, qualifications and skills sets in an impressive manner.  Thus to help you draft these resume, templates prove to be of great help.

A flat resume template will provide a ready made format for the resume and thus you can devote more time on the content of the resume rather than it’s designing.  Variety of flat resume template designs is available out of which some are available for free while other comes for a price. You can select the one depending upon your needs and requirements.

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