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A Resume Template is an extremely important document which is used in the case when a person or an applicant is applying for a job, a volunteership, an internship, an educational course or any other thing. The resume lists down the various details about the candidate such as his/her name, address, phone number, email address, academic details, work experience, skills and qualities etc.

Free Experienced Accountant Resume Format

Free Experienced Accountant Resume Format

Free Download

Free Experienced Engineer Resume Format

Free Experienced Engineer Resume Format

Free Download

Free IT Resume Format

Free IT Resume Format

Free Download

Free Teacher Resume Format

Free Teacher Resume Format

Free Download

Free Medical Student Resume Format

Free Medical Student Resume Format

Free Download

Free Sales Executive Resume Format


Free Download

Free Fresher School Teacher Resume Format

Fresher School Teacher Resume Format

Free Download

Customer Service Representative Resume Format

Customer Service Representative Resume Format

Free Download

Nursing Resume Format Template

Nursing Resume Template

Latest Chartered Accountant Resume Word Format Free Download

This resume template is one of the best options which you can easily download and customize to recreate an Accountant’s resume. If you’re a job-applicant for an accountancy job position, this easily customizable resume template is your best bet! Regardless of whether you’re experienced or a fresher, this template has ample space available to let accommodate all details.

Professional Resume Format

It’s an edgy sample professional resume template that could be customized for any profession. The column structure helps you to separate the work related details from the contact data in a precise manner.

Creative Resume Format

This booklet style sample professional portfolio resume format renders a state of the art appeal that is sure to catch the fancy of your potential employers. You will love the customizable columns.

Professional Portfolio Resume Format Template Download

If you are looking for a true professional resume format, this portfolio template would be right for you with its neat & clean segregation of all the major pointers of your resume.

Swiss Style Resume Format

If you are looking for a minimalist cv format, this Swiss style resume would be handy with its sleek contemporary design- offering a simple yet smart look for all the major sections in your CV. There are two Resume optional pages.

Sample Resume Format Template Download

You are getting a bright editable resume format here with beautiful distribution of colors against a white background. The scale graph for the skills surely offers an edgy touch to the overall resume.

Art Director Resume Format

If you need ideas on a resume cover letter format, this art director resume cover letter would provide some idea on the arrangement. You are also getting a resume and portfolio template here.

Creative Resume Format Download Free

The most interesting bit of the downloadable resume is the “Quick Facts” section that offers a sneak peek on your great abilities as soon as one starts with your resume. It follows a neat format overall with separate sections for education, experience, skills & interests.

Professional Graphic Designer Resume Format

If you are looking for a curriculum vitae format that will you to detail on the profile section, this one would be handy for you. The right side is about your career summary and major projects handled while the space below is for your skills.

InfoGraphic Style Resume Format Download

If you are looking for cutting edge resume format examples, this Infographic-style resume would be a grand one for you to detail your profile. It has also used funky scale-o-meters for your skills.

Swiss Resume PSD Format Template Download

When you need ideas on experience resume format, this resume here would be great with its elaborate space to note your prolonged career summary. The right side is about your personal information and skills.

Modern Resume Format Free Download

If you are planning a contemporary resume format download, this modern resume template has got the answer for you. It allows you to detail about your profile at left followed by contact information while the right side is about skills, experiences & achievements.

Business Format Resume Template Download

Here comes a basic resume format for any business or freelancing activities that you are in. It begins with your picture, profile and personal information at the left while the right is about your education, work experience & skills.

4 Set Creative & Professional Resume Formats

You are getting a set of as many 4 true professional and creative resume models where you can include a pie-chart instead of text to talk about your skills. The overall template follows a very urbane feel.

Simple Clean Resume Format

The red & white combination looks classy and the printable resume here does a smart job by creating enclosed box-headings for each of the sections. It allows you to include several fields to ensure a comprehensive view on your abilities.

Designer Resume Photoshop Format Template Download

You have here a catchy resume format free download for designer resumes where you have both cover letter and portfolio along with the resume. All of them have followed a neat contemporary look.

SAP FI Module Resume Format Template

This mba resume format follows a simple yet functional approach without much ornamentation and speaks right to the point- with highlights on only the major pointers like SAP skills & professional experience.

Sample Designer Resume Format Template

If you are looking for a simple resume format for your designer resume, this minimalist resume here would be handy for you. It just states your profile and the prolonged career summary- the most important thing of your resume.

Btech Freshers Resume Format Template

Banking Investment Resume Format Template

Construction Project Manager Resume Format

BPO Call Centre Resume Template Format

SAP Consultant Resume Template Word Format Free Download

Administrative Assistant Resume Format Free Download

MBA Finance Fresher Resume Word Format Free Download

Sample Teaching Resume Format Template

Sports Resume Format Template

Finance Resume Format Template

ECE Resume Template Format

Data Entry Supervisor Resume Format

Excellent Resume Format

Human Resources Manager Resume Format Template

Format Marketing Accounts Manager Resume Template

Sample Medical Assistant Resume Template

Resume Format with Photo PDF

Simple Resume Format

Basic Resume Format Download

1 Year Experience Resume Format

Best Corporate CV Format

Curriculum Vitae Writing Proforma Format

Example of Student Resume Format

Unlock A Great Career Ahead With A Perfect Resume

Your resume is your primary representative in the career world. Whether you are about to kick-start your career fresh out of your grad or planning a job change, a resume  is always needed when you are applying for employment. It’s the first thing that your prospective employer will see about you and hence your CV template has this duty to present you in the best possible light.

> The 3 Types of Resume Today

A resume template is usually chronological resume but over time functional and combination resume formats have emerged as well. Here is a brief on all the 3 formats.

> Chronological

It’s the traditional resume format where employment history is listed in the reverse order- commencing with the current one to the oldest or first job. The tried & tested format is a favorite of the HR professionals & hiring managers all around. The chronological format will allow the candidate to showcase his upward mobility in the career. It would be useful for specialist & mid-level applicants. You must follow the chronological resume when

  • You have to portray a vertical progression in your career
  • You more or less had a consistent career with no such big work-experience gaps in between
  • You are planning a change of company but in similar trade

> Functional

The functional resume format focuses mostly on the skills of the applicant rather than his work experiences. Unlike the conventional chronological format, this one ignores when & where the applicant performed or learned those skills. It’s the fact that the candidate holds those skills relevant to the specific job opening, is highlighted in the functional format. The functional format would be useful for you when-

  • You need to create a Fresher Resume Format Templates with no previous work experience but when you are confident about your skills
  • You have big gaps in your career history
  • You are looking forward to promote a particular skill set

> Combination

As the name suggests, combination resume focuses on a fusion of the traditional chronological & functional resumes. Such a resume would usually start with professional resume profile or objectives of qualifications which will include your skills, abilities & achievements that are pertinent to the specific job opening you are applying for- it’s for the functional side.

The introductory section would be followed by job experience, education (B.E)& additional related sections in the reverse chronological format. Such a resume would be great when-

  • You are looking forward to highlight a well-developed & relevant skill set
  • You have mastered your art
  • You are planning a switch to another industry.

For example, let’s say you are working as an bank teller but you are really good at cartoons or conceptual sketching- such artistic skills would be a wealth for advertising industry in case you are planning to turn your hobbies into your profession.

> 3 Pro Tips on Formatting Resume

Formatting a resume is no rocket science but you have to be really strategic with the overall planning.

> The Traditional Approach

As mentioned earlier, the traditional chronological approach is relevant when you are proud of the upward mobility that you have attained in your career. If you are a person with huge or at least some professional experience in your industry- the chronological style would be the proper resume format for your career.

> Formatting a Functional Resume

The best resume etiquette for a functional resume strategically groups the key skills & abilities of the candidate in various categories to explain his eligibility & expertise for some particular job. The skill-based focus will enable you to pull the prospective employer’s attention on your strength which would in turn divert the focus

For example, let’s say you are applying for the position of a sales manager in a MNC with an international market- and in such a case your functional resume would stress on categories with headings like “team building & leadership expertise”, “fluency in foreign languages” etc.

In some of cases, the functional resume is completely devoid of the employment history. Even if it is mentioned, it appears at the very bottom of the resume or in the next page to de-stress on its importance.

> Designing a Combination Resume

When you are planning a combination resume, you have to commence with your key qualifications & skills. You can include your resume objective, expertise, accomplishments & pertinent training relevant to the job application here. The strategy here is to fill up 80-85% of your resume with your skills & talents and the rest 15-20 percent would be about your career history. Unlike the functional resume, you cannot omit your career history here.

> Dos & Don’ts of Resume Writing

> The Do’s

  • Make sure it’s easy to read
  • Use bullet points and adequate spacing- single spacing when you are writing about your skills under same category and double-spacing before the start of another category.
  • Use contextual keywords relevant to your job position & industry.
  • Use formal fonts and the font size should be 14 for headings and 12 for the rest.
  • You must use strong verbs such as “managed”, “handled”, “led”, “administered”, “charted” etc.
  • Begin the resume with summary statement so that the hiring manager can have a blue-print of your skills & abilities at a glance. Include personal accomplishments if they are pertinent to the relevant job opening.
  • Focus on quantifiable accomplishments & include facts & figures.

> The Don’ts

  • No grammar mistake or typo error is allowed in your resume.
  • Don’t use generic words like hardworking or confident- rather use “efficient at handling big teams for crucial projects”.
  • Don’t use informal email ids in contact details.
  • Don’t use chronological resume when you have big gaps in your career.
  • Don’t include irrelevant personal hobbies.
  • No lengthy resume.
  • Don’t lie in your resume and be honest.

> We are Here to Help

When you are looking for best resume format examples, we at are ready to help you with your expert-designed resumes- whether you need a chronological one or a functional one or a combination resume.

Ceative Resume Templates must be drafted using a formal CV format and a professional tone but it may not be possible for everyone to get it right. Thus one can make use of a resume format. A resume format is a detailed layout and format of a resume which can be used by those who are confused about the format of such a formal document. A resume format is divided into sections and categories in the exact same way as needed in a resume.

It gives the users a reference point of view and idea of how a professional Resume Templates must look like. Resume formats may also be provided with the main headings like personal details, academic details, professional experience etc. for better use and reference of the users. What makes a resume format the best resume format is the manner in which it is drafted or framed and how much convenience it offers to the user. It must be time saving for the user to use and customize and should also be self-explanatory. The following are some of the contents of a resume format which truly make it ‘best’:

What is the format of a CV?(100 Words)

When it comes to CV, it has to be professional. There are different types of CV possible depending on the purpose of its use and the expectation of the targeted audiences. Similarly, different types of CVs will have different formats. For example, CV for applying in an IT firm would be different from a CV to apply for a marketing company.

Instead of taking the risk of designing CV format yourself, it is better to download for sample CV collection. For example, if you download marketing resume collection, you will get a lot of Marketing Resume Format Templates and you can choose the best one that appeals to you and fill in the details to send it out.

What kind of Resume Should I use?(100 Words)

Basically, there are four types of resume available. They are chronological, functional, combination and targeted. Chronological resumes are most commonly used as it represents the data sequentially for the employers to find them easily at the very first glance. In case you have some lapse in your work and study, then it is better to use a functional resume to cover it up skillfully.

Combination resume must be used when you are very experienced and your work history matters more than basic data. Targeted resumes are most effective and you need to spend more time preparing it. Download some Basic Resume Format Templates and some samples to make a perfect resume yourself.

Which Format do Most Employers Prefer for Resumes?

Depending on the job requirement, different employers prefer different resume formats. If the job requirement is for freshers only, employers would like to receive chronological resumes as the data and information about the candidate would be sequentially and it would be easy to locate required information easily.

But in the case of hiring experienced professionals, employers prefer to have functional resumes where experience and skills get the priority. But in general, employers prefer chronological resume format. Therefore, you need to download different formats like IT Resume Format Templates to apply in IT firm and then based on the job requirements, you have to form the resume that the employers would prefer the most.

How do you Write a Resume?

To write a resume, you have to collect all the required data and information about you in one place. Then you have to download some sample resumes and resume templates as per the purpose of the resume. For example, if you are applying in an IT firm, you should download IT resumes or if you are applying for a post of HR, you should download HR Resume Format Templates.

After downloading them, open them and start filling the details. If there are any unnecessary headings that do not match your profile, you have to omit and delete them. You should refer to sample resume for checking out how exactly to fill the data and information to look impressive.

What are two of the Most Popular Resume Formats

Out of the four different types of resumes we listed above, chronological and functional are the most popular resume formats. Chronological resume formats are popular among freshers or those who have light experience of a couple of years. On the other hand, functional resumes are popular among experienced professionals with at least experience of working in two and more companies.

Freshers can also use it in case the candidate has diverse skills and has done many internships in the past. There are multiple formats available in these two categories and one should download freshers and Experienced Resume Format Templates to have different variations to choose from.

What is a Chronological Resume?

A chronological resume is the most used resumes in the world. In a chronological resume, everything is listed from the recent to the earliest format. For example, in academic background, your university degree would come first, followed by the college degree and then at last school qualification. Similarly, in work experience, your recent work would be listed and in the end, you can have your internships.

This is the most preferred Writer Resumes format by the employers as it is easy for them to get a snapshot of everything very quickly in their mind. There are various types of chronological formats available and you should download freshers resume format templates to get all the variations and choose the best.

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