8+ Hair Stylist Resume Templates – DOC, PDF

You are a skilled hair stylist and have the capability to make anyone look gorgeous. But having the desired skills and not letting the world know about them is a crime. And that’s because by doing so, you play small with your dreams. Secure a place for yourself in the best hair salon around and let your career shine. If you think you have got the talent, there is no reason why you wouldn’t make it to your dream salon. But before that, you must invest some time preparing for interviews. To ensure sure-shot success in an interview, you must have a great resume in place. Don’t worry if creating a good resume looks like an uphill task to you. Pick up a Hair Stylist Resume Template and you are more than good to go. You may also like Fashion Designer Resume Templates

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Professional Resume Templates

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Every hair styling aspirant dreams of serving as a professional hair stylist at some branded salon. If you too have been nurturing the same dream, this is what you need- a Professional Hair Stylist Resume Template. These templates simply work wonders. Use them as a reference document to create your own resume, and sky will be the limit for you.

Professional Hair Stylist Resume Template

hair stylist resume

Cosmetology Resume Template Free Download

cosmetology resume template free download
cesdoffcampus | If your forte is cosmetology, then it would be valuable for you to know that there is stiff competition in this industry. And that is why you must be equipped with all the necessary tools including a good resume. If you are not good at creating resumes, you can take help of a Cosmetology Resume Template.

Free Creative Hair Stylist Resume Download

free creative hair stylist resume download

Free Download Hair Stylist Skills Resume Template

free download hair stylist skills resume

Example Hairdresser Skills Resume PDF Format

example hairdresser skills resume pdf format

Master Hair Stylist Resume PDF Template

master hair stylist resume pdf template
donnamalatino.com | Most master hair stylists charge incredibly high rates. And that is why affluent people and celebrities make their clientele. If you want to become a master hair stylist in the coming times, you must impress your recruiters with an impactful resume. You can use a Master Hair Stylist Resume Template for reference.

Resume for Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist PDF

resume for hair stylist and cosmetologist pdf

Sample CV for Hair Stylist PDF Format

sample cv for hair stylist pdf format

Why these templates are must-haves?

Hair styling is a glamorous job. And the fact that it helps one meet and interact with different kinds of people, sometimes even celebs, makes it an absolute favorite among youngsters. Most youngsters go to even faraway places for a degree or diploma required to pursue a career in this field. And with this certificate in their arsenal, they set out to contend for their dream jobs. But the harsh reality here is that recruiters don’t get easily impressed. And what you need to impress them is a close-to-perfect resume. You will be happy to know that templates help a great deal in this respect. You will realize this only after putting one into use.


These templates can be downloaded from any web source. But make sure it’s authentic and dealing in good quality templates. Once you finalize the source, you can download as many as you need. You may or may not be asked to pay for this. Most templates are ready-to-print and offer good quality on paper.