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Administrative Assistant Resume in Word

An administrative assistant job is the one that gives you a great push during the beginning of the career. It enhances your capabilities and will make you understand the functioning of all departments of the organisation. As it is connected with all departments, it gives a wide scenario to learn new things and to understand new skills.

Choosing the career as an Administrative Assistant is the best choice for a beginner to sky rocket his career to various levels. It is the designation that each and every company will be having, so there will be no worry about vacancies. A good resume will just help you to nail the screening process. A resume, created as a word document can be sent to any recruiter in an eye catching format. In the job search process, a nice resume can get you extra credits!

> There are More Benefits for a Resume Than You Expect

A professional resume is the first thing you will need in a job search. It should contain all relevant information about you in a well organised manner. The first step of recruiting is screening and during that stage, your resume will be well studied by the recruiter. If it contains relevant information, then the first hurdle is done.

A nice resume can attract the recruiter’s eye at a glance and that will help you get shortlisted.
A good resume will be well structured enlisting your skills talents and achievements. If you are considered for a referral job, then you might not be appearing for the first screening process. So the recruiter will understand everything about you through this resume you have submitted. In such circumstances, you should be keen in details.

Advantages of Administrative Assistant Resume

  • Resume samples in MS word format can be downloaded easily over the internet
  • Any variations can be tried in Administrative Assistant Resumes
  • A good resume will highlight your skills
  • It can be easily sent through emails
  • It can be uploaded to job portals
  • It can even be printed and given directly to companies.

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Resumes can be Tabular or Not!

An administrative assistant resume can be tabular or explanatory. A tabular resume will sort out and display each and every detail in table format. This will look neat, organised and will save space. This resume will be the right fit for the first screening because the recruiter will get the bird’s eye view by looking this resume.

If you wish to explain your skills and achievements in detail, then the detailed resume will be the apt choice. You can explain everything in detail including your previous experiences and the targets you achieved.

This Helps in Many Ways

  • The right resume uploaded at the right time will get the job on hand
  • A good resume can be used to circulate among referrals
  • A resume saved as a word file is usable at any websites. There are no restrictions for word in websites.
  • A resume created in Free Word Template is easily editable ,downloadable and reusable

Important Sections in the Administrative Assistant Resume

A good resume will contain

  • Professional summary-That gives an idea about your past experiences
  • Educational qualifications-That gives the history of your qualifications and credits
  • Skills-List of skills that you need for the job
  • Achievements-Appreciations that you got in the past

Tips to Grab a Good Administrative Assistant Resume

  • Always go for word 2010 templates. There are a lot of advanced options on word 2010.
  • Consider the free download samples in MS Word format.
  • Choose the organised one from the samples
  • Always go for a sample that doesn’t use too many fonts
  • Take notice to get a sample that doesn’t use many colours for presentation
  • The resume should cover all the relevant skills.

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