31+ Cute Backgrounds – JPEG, PNG

Cheer up the viewer’s mood using the cute backgrounds with adorable cartoons, animals, birds, etc. Apply the photorealistic backgrounds have a softness that can make anyone glance at it. These endearing green backgrounds give flyers, banners, and posters the attention it needs as they have charm and attractiveness. Express your creativity using these editable backgrounds and make lovely wallpapers for your desktop. Check them out the cool backgrounds, as they are available in lovely colours like yellow, purple, blue and many more. Add your ideas or funny messages on these customizable JPEG cute templates, and give it a personalised touch, which will showcase your knowledge of humour.

cute backgrounds

Cute Sweet Love Candy IPhone 6 Wallpapers HD

cute sweet love candy iphone 6 wallpapers hd
The cute sweet love candy iPhone 6 wallpaper HD is an awesome and beautiful looking cute background template that will be the perfect choice for your iPhone 6. The template uses bright and bold colors that will be able to make your iPhone display look more beautiful and elegant.

The iconic apple sign wallpaper is the most used wallpaper in the world. The HD cute pink Apple iPhone 4s wallpaper background uses this same iconic apple sign and pink background to create this wonderful cute background template which will undoubtedly be the first choice of all the women using an iPhone. If you have been thinking of changing the desktop of your iPhone 4S and giving it a new look, what you need is this hot pink background that portrays the popular logo of Apple Inc. Its HD quality is sure to add charm to your device and give it a stunning look.

Cute Vintage Desktop Wallpapers Background Download

cute vintage desktop wallpapers background download
The cute vintage desktop wallpapers background download is a colorful and beautifully created cute background template that will look good on any smart phone. The template is of high resolution which helps to show all the little details that makes this simple and cute desktop wallpaper one of the best. In case you are looking for a bright and colorful background for your devices, this vintage desktop with smileys in a myriad of shades is the perfect choice. The cute little smileys add an element of fun to this image and are sure to give your devices a funky look.

Cute Animal Backgrounds For Desktop Free Download

cute cat backgrounds for desktop free download
Kittens are undoubtedly very cute and make the best desktop background in the world. The cute cat backgrounds for desktop free download is a very beautifully created cute background template that is fully able to bring out the cuteness of the kitten in the template. A superb cute background template.

Cute Love Wallpaper Background Download

cute love wallpaper background download
The cute love wallpaper background download is an awesome looking cute background wallpaper that will undoubtedly be the first choice of many women. A very simple looking wallpaper, this cute background template is able to convey a bigger message through this minimalistic picture and hence will be the best choice.

Cute Background Love Wallpaper Pictures for Desktop Download

cute background love wallpapers for desktop download
A very simple and adorable looking cute background template, the cute background love wallpapers for desktop download is one of the most downloaded background template. A simple picture that conveys the message of love between two individuals represented by the hearts will truly melt your heart if you believe in love. This wallpaper is all about love and the flush that comes with it. So, if you are in a similar happy state or are waiting for the feeling to grab you unawares, go ahead and download this stunning love background wallpapers. These Flyer Backgrounds are sure to motivate you to love.

Download Cute Love Infinity Sign Background

download cute love infinity sign background
There is infinite love in the world and once you have the key to it, there is no stopping you from finding it. These backgrounds give you this message. So, if you truly believe in it, set this up as your device background as a gentle reminder to keep looking until you find true love.

If you love cute and cuddly cats and just can’t have enough of them, then these cute cat backgrounds are a must have for your laptop’s desktop. Portraying a wide range of cats in different colors and poses, you are sure to love these images and would be vying for more.

Cute Kissing Rabbits Background for Desktop Download

cute kissing rabbits background for desktop download
Rabbits are undoubtedly the cutest and this amazing desktop background that portrays two kissing rabbits is sure to melt anyone’s heart. So, if you have been looking for such images for your device desktop, go ahead and download this one without fail.

Cute Elephant Baby in Grass HD Background

cute elephant baby in grass hd background
All babies are cute irrespective of whose babies they are and this holds true for baby elephants too. In this high definition background, you can see a cute little African baby elephant busy with his antics among the grasslands. The stunning colors and the image clarity of this background are sure to add oodles of charm to your devices.

Cute Baby Animal Wallpapers Free Background Download

cute baby animal wallpapers free background download

Cute Dolphins Background for Desktop Free

cute dolphins background for desktop free

Vika Podverbnaya Cute Model Background Download

vika podverbnaya cute model background download

Cute Butterfly Animal Nature Flower Background Download

cute butterfly animal nature flower background download

Wolf & Tiger Cute Background for Desktop

wolf tiger cute background for desktop

Computer Seamless Background Template

computer seamless background

Squirrel Cute Background for Desktop Download

squirrel cute background for desktop download

Vertical Jump Backgrounds

vertical jump background

Cute Kitten with Rabbit Background Download

cute kitten with rabbit background download

9 Cartoon Game Background

cartoon game background

Cute Couple Romance in Room Background Download

cute couple romance in room background download

Jump Game Background

jump game background

Cute Couple Photography Love Background Template Download

cute couple photography love background template download

Day and Night Set Christmas Backgrounds

day and night set christmas backgrounds

Cute Love Lips for Desktop Background Free Download

cute love lips for desktop background free download

Cute Forest Animals Background

cute forest animals background

Cute Music Background Download

cute music background download

Free Cute Animal Desktop Background

cute animal desktop background

Cute Romantic Background

cute romantic background

Free Vector Background Pattern

free vector background pattern

Cute Tumblr Background

cute tumblr background

How to Make a Cute Background in Photoshop?

Are you tired of the Best Blurred Backgrounds for Smartphones on your desktop? Well, go ahead and create your own backgrounds using Photoshop. Not sure how to do this? Well, take a look.

  • 1. Open Adobe Photoshop.
  • 2. Click on the option “File” in the main menu and then select “Open” to open an image that exists in the directory.
  • 3. Now, select the option “Layer” and then click on “Background Layer”>”Duplicate Layer”.
  • 4. Go ahead and delete the earlier layer by right clicking on “Background” and then selecting the option “Delete Layer”.
  • 5. Now select the “Create New Layer” button and enhance it using the various tools offered by Photoshop.
  • 6. Once you are satisfied, click on “Save”.


Irrespective of whether you are creating a Rainbow Background for your desktop or animals’ background, it is important that you pay attention to certain elements. Here are some tips that will help you to create the best backgrounds for your devices.

  • 1. Keep an eye out for the resolution. Unless the resolution is perfect, your background will look grainy.
  • 2. Look out for the best and the most amazing images to add to the backgrounds.
  • 3. Instead of opting for one single image for the background, try to add in the shuffle option. This way you will have an ever changing background.
  • 4. If there is any way that you can go for a no icons or minimal icons look, your desktop background will look all the more mesmerizing.
  • 5. An animated background can work wonders for your device.

In case you do not have enough expertise to design awesome backgrounds, fret not. You can easily find the most remarkable and stunning backgrounds including Girly Backgrounds online. Readily available and easy to download, these can transform the look of all your devices. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check these out.