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Abstract Background – 24+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Abstract backgrounds are great choice for the art lovers and the dreamy designs on the backgrounds are excellent for the like minded people. The psychedelic visual representation of the abstract Cool Backgrounds can be created with the modern digital art and some additional graphics can also be added to give the best finishing touch. There are lots of people that have a serious fetish for background designs – the ones which deck up computer desktops and mobile phone screens. Each one of us has a different preference in the kind of backgrounds we like. Abstract backgrounds, for example, have a huge fan-following. Abstract design is a form of art which is completely above and away from conventionalism, tradition, norms. We bring you some top contenders from the category of abstract design, fitting to be used as backgrounds. You can also see  Abstract Vector Backgrounds

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> Why Abstract Backgrounds are so Popular

  • Abstract background designs are artistic and have a distinct professional look.
  • The characteristic polished nature of the backgrounds make them better than the rest and slight hint of patterns in the designs give them a look above the rest.
  • They also give a specific tone to the design which can be carried all over for a classy appearance.
  • Very small changes like any fading of the color at any point in the design or change in the shade gives a new look and as long as the audience likes your design, it’s great.

Abstract Blue Background


Red Abstract Background


Color Circle Abstract Background


Glow Abstract Background


Science Cell Abstract Background


Purple Abstract Background


Modern Abstract Background


Unique Abstract Background


Geometric Abstract Background


Texture Abstract Background


Dark Abstract Background


Elegant Abstract Background


Colorful Abstract Background


Digital Abstract Background


Colorful Vector Abstract Background


Abstract Vector Background


Lines Abstract Background


Lights Abstract Background


Watercolor Abstract Background


Designed Abstract Background


Cool Abstract Background


Space Abstract Background


Graphic Abstract Background


Floral Abstract Background


> Advantages of the Abstract Backgrounds

The main advantage with the abstract backgrounds is that they give an immediate boost to the graphics and don’t cost too much also. Apart from that, the abstract images are used as a back drop to any images or texts and serve the purpose better than any other image in the background. The artistic shapes and colors of the abstract Cool Backgrounds HD are better looking than any other type of backgrounds. There is one important thing to keep in mind while designing the abstract backgrounds and that is to balance the colors and the patterns in the design. Once the design is properly balanced, it will be perfect to the viewers.

> Presenting the Abstract Designs to the Viewers

One of the best tips to follow before presenting the abstract background designs to the viewers is to increase the resolution, as in high resolution, you will be able to get the high quality images to present to the viewers and they are also very important in web site designs where good Backgrounds will make it difficult for the customers to look away. You can include loads of unique, colorful and stylish patterns along with effects to give the innovative look.

> The types of Abstract Background Designs

The main types of abstract background designs are:

  • Curvilinear art- the interlacing patterns, knots, spirals, etc. are mostly associated with the Celtic art techniques.
  • Color or light related art techniques- it involves use of light or color to separate the design from reality.
  • Geometric art- it involves use of two dimensional geometric shapes like circles, hexagons, etc. to make the design completely abstract.
  • Intuitional or emotional art- it is more realistic and involves more of the natural elements.
  • Gestural art- it involves the unusual application of paint and other features like loose brushwork.
  • Postmodernist abstraction- dominated by the sculptors and often involving geometric form, it’s what the viewer sees.

> Creating the Abstract Background Designs

The abstract designs which are created using the illustrator or the photo shop techniques are of better quality than the ones available in the stock photo web sites. Apart from that, you and also make a lot of alterations in the design and give it a new look by varying the Color Chart, shade, tone, patterns, etc. The most important thing is to maintain the balance and the smoothness of the design.

> The Effect of the Red Color in the Abstract Background Design

Red is among the mostly used colors in the abstract background designs. But in researches, it is found that it has a stimulating effect on the viewers which can also include negative consequences like restlessness or lack of concentration. So, it should be properly used. You can blend it with some patterns or shades for best results and it should be avoided if you are looking to make some cool background designs as it will affect the reactions of the viewers.

> The Effect of the Blue Color in the Abstract Background Design

The blue color has the opposite effect to that of the red color. It induces peace, relaxation and calmness in the viewers. So, blue is among the mostly used colors in the abstract background designs. It also lowers the pulse rate and if you use the Blue Background color with the best shades and patterns in the design, the viewers will be more patient to watch it carefully. Apart from increasing the productivity, blue also has a distant and sad feeling associated with it. So, it should be used properly.

> The Effect of the Green Color in the Abstract Background Design

The green color has a characteristic stress releasing quality which relieves the stress and induces calmness into the viewers. So, it can be used in the designs as it will give the viewers a calming but not sad effect. It is also found to induce a positive influence on the viewers according to research. So, before you start Designing Background the abstract backgrounds, don’t forget to decide the colors that should be used as the colors and shades has a lot of effect on the viewer’s minds.

> Properly using the Shapes and Patterns

Like the colors, the patterns can also affect the look of the abstract background designs as they help in maintaining the smoothness or the tone throughout the design. More and more use of the geometric patterns can make the background more interesting and also attractive to the viewers. The Geometric Patterns are mostly used in the background designs. Use of lot of patterns can also disrupt the smoothness or tone of the design and make it look clumsy. So, the patters should be blended with the color and the shades along with some faded regions to give the design a polished and professional look. Abstract backgrounds are highly popular these days. The kind of colors, artwork and concepts which are conveyed in these backgrounds is bit of a jigsaw puzzle task which fans of the art form enjoy very much. Whether you’re an abstract artist or not, a lot of rookie artists like to take a shot at working in Photoshop and designing abstract backgrounds.

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