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Purple Backgrounds – 31+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Purple is a color that represents royalty. It is also a color which takes you back to a joyful moment of your experience. Mostly related to assortments and chocolates, this color is the color of celebration and bringing together mysteriousness simultaneously. Purple backgrounds are therefore very alluring to use by many who the love the color to a greater extent. Purple backgrounds are found to have too many categories. These would include dark purple color backgrounds, purple pattern backgrounds, purple mixed cute backgrounds, simple purple templates, purple lined backgrounds, purple image, purple dotted backgrounds, purple pixel backgrounds and many more.

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Dark Purple Abstract Background Download


Plain Abstract Purple Background Download


Purple Space Background Download


Purple Triangles Background Download


Abstract Background in Purple Colors Free Download


Water Drop in Purple Background Download


Purple Universe Backgrounf Download


Purple Silk Background Download


Abstract Purple Grunge Technical Background Download


Purple Swirl Background Download


Abstract Purple Background Download


Purple Abstract Free Download


Purple Background Image Free Download


Abstract Background in Purple Tones Free Download


Purple Silk Background Free Download


Plain Purple Banner Free Download


Solid Purple Background Download


Dark Purple Backgrounds Free Download


Purple Forest Light Background Download


Blurry Background in Purple Free Download


Shades in Purple Background Dwonload


Purple Design Backgrounds Download


Purple Ornamental Background Free Download


Royal Purple Background Free Download


Swirl Purple Background Free Download


Rose With Purple Background Download


Shaded Dark Purple Background Download


Dark Lines with Purple Background Download


Though the color shall indicate the usual, but this color is also found fused with other colors such as pink, blue or black too. There are many types of templates available for the same too. The main types of templates include those which are entirely purple as well as those that are mixed but have purple more than any other. Then there also comes another division which includes patterns and images as free backgrounds. However other forms may include light and abstracts as well.

Some of the most basic purple backgrounds have been listed below for you.

> Purple Space Backgrounds

The purple color has always been associated to galaxies, nebulas and other space images. Even vacuum and solar systems are being represented mostly through this color. There exists a huge variety of purple color backgrounds depicting planets, space galaxies, space satellites, orbits, space stars, shuttles etc to be chosen from the libraries available on the web.

Purple Flower Backgrounds

There are so many beautiful flowers and they look more attractive when in purple color. There is a whole range of backgrounds that have purple roses, purple sunflowers and many other flowers shown in an unreal purple color. There are also blooming real purple flowers, as well as lilac flowers which are actually purple. These are found in various organizations to give the best purple color HD backgrounds available.

Purple Texture Pattern Backgrounds

With the designer world not willing to surrender, there exist many patterns and textures which include textile textures, close patterns, shaded style patterns, raised, fused, mixed and many other types of purple pattern backgrounds, to choose from.

> Purple Plain Backgrounds

Remaining simple to the core for those who love simplicity, purple plain backgrounds are also available fairly easily. These include plain light backgrounds, plain dark HD backgrounds, plain purple striped backgrounds, plain purple part backgrounds etc.

Purple Sky Backgrounds

The sky has many different colors, one of the most beautiful colors that it has is the purple color. It is the perfect twilight time to take any pictures and enjoy them along. Hence purple twilight sky backgrounds are found. There are also purple sunset backgrounds, purple dark water backgrounds and purple moonlit backgrounds as well.

Purple Image Backgrounds

Since images have gained quite a lot of momentum, hence purple image backgrounds are also available. These include those having purple in their base with some object or person in the middle or anywhere else in the picture. This can include random pictures too.

> Purple Drops Backgrounds

Droplets are very attractive, whether they are simply splashed of or carefully zoomed in and taken as pixels. Droplets are also arranged in random as well as organized fashions to represent various settings. Most of these are formed using the designer’s skills and tools to create new virtual droplet based backgrounds.

Purple Scary Backgrounds

This is a different genre which is directly related to dark colors as purple and black. The scare element obviously relates itself to colors this dark and most of them are found in these purple backgrounds. These backgrounds include purple evil eyes, purple scary Halloween objects, purple horror themed wallpaper backgrounds, purple crooked houses, purple hat witches and purple entwined myths too.

> Purple Quotes Backgrounds

Since quotes and wordings are found almost everywhere, there are also people who just like to represent themselves through a few wordings or quotes by simple men. Some also prefer to have their perceptions inked as these wallpaper backgrounds. Using the purple background for these wordings and quotes is a clever idea. It brings the charm to the quote as well as the image. It is also the perfect choice and combination for those purple lovers who get the best of both their choices incorporated together. These might also include funny and any other type wordings as well. The uses of these templates include their availability instantly as well as their reusable property. They can also be used to save much time being spent on creating one. They give you an idea of the most used and the most beautiful cool backgrounds available. They help you add life to any part of your work through their striking generic design. How to create one purple background that is only for your pure self is not a difficult task. For those who always prefer to stand out from the rest even in little things, you can make your own purple background easily too. You can save any existing template that you like from Power point or even online and use it to create your own. You can select that template and edit it through many photo editors available today like Pixlr, Photo Enhancer etc. Using Photoshop, one can build a purple background from scratch too. One can use the opacity options, the brushes, the textures and the different shade of colors to have a great base. Later if they want, they can add an image as a new layer and then fuse it together too. They can do this by adding each new effect to a new layer and then after making all the layers, one just has to duplicate them.

Following these steps, your new purple background is ready to be used as a template anywhere.

> Tips

  • It is important that you carefully pick up a new layer every time when you want to make a new change on the surface, if you are using Photoshop.
  • Use purple backgrounds in team presentations, in order to boost confidence and give encouragement.
  • Use purple backgrounds in bright pixel dots whenever you want a professional strict effect.

> Do’s & Don’ts

  • One does not use a purple background where there is simple text, this will make you lose all the charm of both the things.

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