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Cool Instagram Backgrounds – 18+ Free JPEG, PNG Format Download!

Are you looking to pep up your Instagram profile with a creative hint? Well, more interesting your Instagram profile is, better would be the number of your followers. If you are looking for some great inspirations, we can help you with our excellent list of cool backgrounds for girls and boys on Instagram. These are available for download completely free of cost.

556+ FREE & Premium Background Images - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

Red Rose Instagram Backgrounds

Are red roses a weakness for you? Do you just adore the millions of feelings the flowers convey? Well, Red Rose instagram background is perfect for you if you just nodded your head in affirmation. Give your instagram account a mushy feel with this bright background.

Blue Ink Watercolor Instagram Backgrounds

There is hardly anyone who does not like the pleasantness of blue color. The soothing feel of different shades of blue is just a click away. Whenever you log in to your instagram account, you would be welcomed with a really cool background that would get you hooked to this photo sharing networking site.

Flower Change Instagram Backgrounds

Concrete buildings have really led us far away from nature. How about experiencing nature at your fingertips? Give your eyes a delightful treat with flowery backgrounds and please your senses to the best. Have a sneak peek into the flower change background and you would certainly not be able to resist downloading it.

Baby Instagram Backgrounds

A tiny cute face with chubby cheeks, tiny fingers and a smile always imparts a peaceful aura to the beholders. Imagine a baby smiling at you from inside the phone screen. Doesn’t it give you a feeling of warmth and affection? If it does, bright faces of kids await you at baby instagram background.

Think of Love Instagram Backgrounds

Quotes on seasons are really awesome and profound. “.. But I think I love fall most of all…” is one such line that speaks volumes in few words. If such quotes appeal to you, Think of Love instagram background is the best option for you. Dive into love, memories and emotions with these brilliant backgrounds.

Nature Instagram Backgrounds

A calm ambiance, verdant valleys, a rivulet flowing through the snowy mountains and conifers soaring up to the sky… Did your brain just exclaim “wow”? Nature instagram backgrounds are here to give many such picturesque images in instagram. Get them right away and always stay in the tranquil lap of nature.

Bokeh flowers iPhone Instagram Backgrounds

Are you looking for an interesting instagram background for your voguish iPhone? “Bokeh flowers” is an enticing background with hazy flowers in a scenic foreground or backdrop that would completely mesmerize your senses. Give your instagram a smart makeover with this background specially designed for iPhones.

Door Instagram Backgrounds

It is really unique to have an instagram background with a stylish door and flower pots at the entrance. Everyone goes for simple or cute looking backgrounds. Why not try something different? If this thought instantly appealed to you and your lips curved into a smile, download the background from here.

Iphone 5 Instagram Backgrounds

If you want to make your iPhone 5 look brand new, add some cool instagram backgrounds in it. The next time you log in to your instagram account, you would be welcomed by a swanky background and your phone would not look dull anymore. What say? Get the backgrounds from here.

Water Instagram Backgrounds

Clear water with palm groves swaying in the breeze is a heartwarming sight. The shades of blue and green relax your eyesight and gratify your senses after a long day. Backgrounds of splendid beaches with azure or turquoise water are loved by everyone. Have an impressive instagram background by downloading from here.

Horse Instagram Background

Instagram background of a majestic and attractive looking horse treading a picturesque path surrounded by dense woods on both sides would get you hooked on to the app. Try this utterly smart background for instagram that would be loved by all your friends too, by clicking here.

Lyric Instagram Backgrounds

Music lovers would definitely fall in love with lyrics background for instagram. Earphones, guitar strings and musical notes in the background of instagram news feed sound awesome, right? To give it a shot, download it and give your instagram a musical touch.

Water Nature Instagram Backgrounds

Nature backgrounds never get outdated. Water nature is a remarkable background schematically representing the beauty of nature. For anyone who wants to feel in the abode of nature all the time, this is one of the best backgrounds to have in your instagram account.

We have come up with a wide range of themes for coolest of Instagram cool backgrounds. There are vintage themes to choose from for a desired a retro effect while our scenic landscapes are just breathtaking. Then, there are fashion shots, luxury automobiles and what not!

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556+ FREE & Premium Background Images - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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