Wedding Background – 73+ Free PSD, EPS, AI, Illustrator, PDF Format Download!

Wedding backgrounds are a delightful change from the mundane monochromes. Wedding backgrounds can be used by different websites as well as by graphic designers and digital art enthusiasts to create their own pieces of art which can make wedding invitations, headers for dedicated websites, a picture among an array of such wedding themes pictures in a wedding gallery and much more.

Firstly, these backgrounds come in varying dimensions. Each of these backgrounds can be readjusted to different length and breadth to suit different purposes with equal precision. It is of prime importance that the quality of these background pictures is not compromised in the process.

Bright Wedding Background in Pink Colors AI Format

Pink is the colour of passion and love. Moreover epitomizing the degree of celebration becomes easy with bright colours. Free photoshop wedding psd files bright pink backgrounds are available with just one click now.

Beautiful Watercolor Wedding Background with Flowers

Flowers whisper “beauty” and give an elegant look to your wedding background. The whole idea of using the water colour along with flowers is to give the sophisticated texture. These psd graphics background is available with text written on it therefore minimizing your effort.

Medieval Invite Illumination Wedding Background Download

To add the feel of medieval period, blank wedding backgrounds are available and easy downloadable. These free wedding backgrounds add a bit of royalty to the whole idea of decorating the wedding invitation card.

Happy Wedding Day Background AI Illustrator Format

Nothing can be better than a wedding background having “happy wedding day “written on it.  The overall design is wedding celebration oriented and the pink colour adds a charming tone to it.

Chalkboard Wedding Flowers Background Download

Minimalism is the pursuit of the essence of things, not the appearance. The white flowers compliment the black background in the best way possible. Keep your wedding memories simple, clean and beautiful to enhance sophistication.

Invitation Card for my Wedding Background Download

Wedding cards are very important for one. It suggests a theme and is an announcement of the most special day of someone’s lives. With these free graphics background one will get the freedom of choosing any design for their wedding invitation.

Wedding Background for Invitations and Announcements

Watercolor Digital Paper Watercolor Wedding Cards Download

Wedding backgrounds play a very important role in setting the ambience of the place. With our collection of free wedding background psd templates, one can use these watercolour digital backgrounds to provide a touch of serenity to the place.

Valentine’s Day or Wedding Background Illustration Download

Let Saint Valentine spread his magic all over your wedding with these lovely free graphics psd backgrounds. Download this right from the link below to make your special day a bit more special.

18 PNG Files Wedding Invitation Backgrounds Download

Small things always make huge impacts. With our collection of 18 such small things in png format just to add on to your wedding backgrounds to make your day a lot more memorable. Download now to unlock this pack of surprise.

Lace Border Rustic Wedding Background Download

Get a touch of vintage feel in your wedding with our lace border rustic free graphics wedding background. We have a variety of such lace border rustic backgrounds as free psd graphic templates for download here.

Valentines Wedding Background with Red Hearts Download

Let the love in your lives flourish more with our delightful heart psd graphics backgrounds for your wedding. Download from our large collection toad that spice of love to your wedding to an extra level.

Wedding Background Eps Format Download

Everyone wants their wedding to be according to their dreams. With our range of wedding background eps format templates one can easily find a theme and a background according to their own dreams.

Wedding Blank Background Mock Up Download

Let all of your creative colours flow with our blank wedding backgrounds ready to customise according to you at every point. Download one from the link below today to get your very own wedding background all designed by you.

Printable Wedding Reception Wooden Background

Include a touch of nature with our printable free graphics psd backgrounds with the wooden reception background. Download the wedding background from here to get closer to Mother Nature on your wedding day.

Download Invitation Floral Background EPS Download

Flowers always act in uplifting the mood and the ambience of the surroundings. Download from our large collection of free floral invitation backgrounds to make your wedding day a happy event for everyone around you.

Download Wedding Invitaion Background Vector EPS

Do you remember Adam and Eve? They got married in the Garden of Eden and God was the lead Pastor! And now it’s your wedding, so send out invitations about it using this template to people that you care about. God will also be there to witness the wedding.

Confetti Wedding Invitation Background Editable

The best union happens where there are more than one parties involved, or, at least, it weddings are considered successful when there are guests of honors, guests and witnesses. That is exactly why you should use this template to send unique invitations to your wedding day.

Wedding Postcard Invitation Background Template

Remember those days of sending invitations by post? One can even get that feel in the modern times with our free wedding postcard invitation templates. Download one from here and customise it to find the best option for your wedding.

Download Wedding Invitation Cards Background

The time has come to tie the knots – settle down with a good wife or husband and become a family! Here is a little something extra to spice up your wedding invitation. This unique card will help you remind people about your wedding, and I promise you they won’t want to miss this event for the world.

Wedding Wood Background with Roses

Roses have always been an epitome of love. With our collection of free wedding background of roses, feel the magic of this wonderful flower uplifting the aura of the place.

Wedding Background for Invitations and Announcements

Everyone loves birds, white lovely birds. Birds are gentle, lovely to look at and sometimes a symbol of love. And when you look at this template, you see lovely birds with a heart symbol in between. What comes to mind? A special wedding comes to mind. Downloads this for free, and use it to send wedding invitations.

Wedded Bliss Backgrounds Template PDF Download

Long gone are the days when life was blissful and happy. People have become so busy with their hectic schedule these days. But with our collection of the wonderful bliss backgrounds, one can relive those desirable days of leisure all for free.

Tree Rustic Wedding Invitation Background Download

Want to go back to those good old days? Use our collection of the free tree rustic invitation backgrounds to give your cards that old medieval touch. The best part is that the entire download is for free.

Free Wedding Vector Art Background Download

Weddings are for two, and, probably, this digital paper is a clear enough proof. If you are looking for a unique template that you can use to add life to a wedding venue of a planned union, this template can make the best piece of template.

Soft Blur Wedding Background in Vintage Pastel

Flowers are often beautiful, and they shine bright too when pained or embedded on paper. And if you haven’t sent real flowers before, this would be the best time to send a special wedding invitation card decorated with digital flowers.

10 Bright Wedding Background in Pink Colors Illustrator

1900 Paris Wedding Invitation PSD Format Download

Burlap Wedding Invitation Paper Background Template

Wedding Rings Vector Invitaion Backgorund

Beautiful Vintage Wedding Cake Background

Soft Wedding Background Editable Vector Illustration

Hand Drawn Wedding Invitation Card Background

There is one thing unique about this template: the drawing. The drawing is full of love, a clear emblem that this is a perfect wedding template for anyone’s next big day. You can download this for free, and use it as special invitation card to those you want to come to your wedding.

Rustic Wedding Invitation & White Lace Trim Background

Wedding Cake Illustration Background Free Download

White Peonies on Wooden Wedding Background

Rose Wedding Background Light and Airy Illustration

Premium Blank Wedding Invitation Mock Up Download

One-heart weddings are often the best of all time, and there is no better way to communicate how much you love that special someone in your invitation than to show it for real. Now download this piece and share the love with friends and families in the wedding circle.

Gold Rings Wedding Background Editable Download

Pink Heart Made of Paper Wedding Background

4 Vintage Wedding Backgrounds PSD Format

Wedding Digital Wood Background Template

Wedding Invitation card with Flowers Background

Winter Wedding Snowflake Background Download

Gold Invitation Background Invitation Template AI Format

Download Grunge Beige Wedding Background

Wedding Fall Wheat Thank You Card Background

Everyone need to know ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are getting married soon, and this flowery invitation card template make a perfect piece to send invitation message about the big day to friends, colleagues and families.

10 Unique Invitation Card Backgrounds PSD Download

Wedding Rose Decoration Background Download for Invitation

Floral Vine Wedding Announcement Background Download

Invitation Seamless Background Vector EPS

Yellow Scroll Wedding Invitation Background Download

They are amicable towards tweaking in Photoshop such that several filters and color correction methods can be applied on already existing backgrounds. Separate frames can be added along with texts and annotations. Some of these backgrounds come with their own text space and a collection of supported fonts which can be used by the designers to create their own message in the background.

Even wedding backgrounds can have several sub-themes and subcategories; they can be minimalistic which hugely rely on beige undertones and a deliberate infusion of white spaces, lacework or elaborate picturesque representations. The present trend is to cartoonify the message and the characters and give it a much lighter and happier tone.

However all of this is flexible and a Photoshop expert can add different attributes and remove certain specs to create his or her own design. Such breathtakingly wonderful Best PSD Wedding backgrounds can be found at without any effort at all.

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