21+ Blue Backgrounds – Free PSD, EPS, AI, JPEG, PNG Format Download!

Blue has long been a favorite of the webmasters when it comes to amazing backgrounds. It could be backgrounds for websites, cover pages for social networking accounts, blogs, desktops, smartphones or stationery. The color blue comes up with a certain degree of calmness that relaxes the mind and imparts an inviting feel.

blue backgrounds

A lot of major websites are colored in blue. We have our very own Facebook for a great example. Blue stands for security and something that you can trust on and you have several corporate websites taking to blue backgrounds. The very color creates an amiable feel for the visitors, pulling in more crowds to the websites.

Easter Blue Background

easter blue backgroundDownload

Solid Blue Background

solid blue backgroundDownload

Matte Blue Background

matte blue backgroundDownload

Blue Background Wallpaper

blue background wallpaperDownload

Labor Day Blue Background

labor day blue backgroundDownload

Ramadan Blue Background

ramadan blue backgroundDownload

Abstract Blue Background With Hexagons

abstract blue background with hexagons

Strawberry Popsicle Blue Background for Desktop

strawberry popsicle blue background for desktop

Background Blue Technology Wallpapers for Desktop

background blue technology wallpapers for desktopDownload

Floral Blue Vector Background

floral blue vector background

Blue Sea Background for Laptop

blue sea background for laptop

Another great bit about blue backgrounds is that it’s not distracting as most of the colors and hence always makes a smart choice either for desktop background or for a website backdrop. These days, you have free blue background templates to help you with pre-structured blue backgrounds.

Uses of Blue Background

As blue does not distract, with blue website background, you can be assured of a clear visibility of the main content over the backdrop. This way, if you use blue background for smartphone or desktop, you can be guaranteed of an easy visibility of your icons on the home screen.

Then, blue is a gender neutral color and hence it can be used both by guys and girls for their smartphones or desktops. Yes, it’s true that we often associate blue with boys yet girls find it cool as well. One of the best bits about blue background is that it can cover a wide range of themes- such as ice, winter, police, royalty, truthfulness, spirituality, magic and water.

Vector Creative Illustration Blue Background

vector creative illustration blue background

Blue Stadium Seats Background

blue stadium seats background

Butterfly Design Blue Backround Download

butterfly design blue backround download

3D Blue Background for Photoshop

d blue background for photoshop

Types of Blue Backgrounds

You will find a wide range of blue backgrounds today. You have blue backgrounds for girls where you have pretty flowers in blue, blue hearts, blue bubbles or even beauties dancing or smiling against a blue background. There are blue abstract backgrounds with different textures such as waves, swirls or geometrical shapes. It’s to note here, that blue backgrounds come up in several tints of blue ranging from dark navy blue to peacock blue to lighter sky blue and so on.

You will love the winter blue plain backgrounds that are to amaze you with carpets of snow lying barren or ice or a snow-filled path with a Christmas tree speaking of the merry holiday spirit. There are blue nature backgrounds as well where you have blue sky, Blue Ocean, blue rain droplets drenching the earth and so on. You also have 3D blue backgrounds.

Deep Blue Water against Light Blue Sky Background

deep blue water against light blue sky background

Girls Cool Blue Stones Wallpaper Designs

girls cool blue stones wallpaper designs

Seafood on Blue Background

seafood on blue background

Several Blue Stage Lights in the Dark Background

several blue stage lights in the dark background

Why use blue background templates

The blue background templates are great as they offer a readymade dark background so that you don’t have to design the entire thing from scratch.

Tips for using blue backgrounds

  • White is a great color when you are planning for text on blue backdrop
  • For best visuals use HD blue backgrounds
  • Use blue aquarium background template

We will help

If you are looking for best blue backgrounds online, template.net would be a handy help with its huge assortment of various blue backgrounds designed by pro designers.

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