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75+ Happy Birthday Images, Backgounds & Elements

Creative birthday images make for a happy image with a profusion of colours. Images like smartly wrapped sample birthday gifts, with contrasting polka-dotted ribbons or red balloons on a red background provide a refreshing take of a popular theme. For the sake of nostalgia, designers use black and white images, but only in limited amounts. A striking image would be of long, thin candles on a small cupcake, like a more delicate version of a Tim Burton film. Only parts of the image may be coloured, in order to highlight certain aspects by designers. You can also see Birthday Invitation Templates & Designs.

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Happy Birthday Elements

Remember those chocolates, candies, cakes and lollipops you ate recently on your last year’s birthday! Well, its time you sent someone a digital and tangible version of those. Looking at this template, you will realize that it is a birthday wish piece at its best, no other business on this one. Download it for free, and don’t forget to sent it along with special gifts.

Birthday Greeting Card Design Template

The design of this template was intended to leave anyone who comes across it in awe. Also, it is one of the best piece to use to wish someone you truly love a happy birthday. Now, downloading this one is completely free, but don’t forget to send it along with another special birthday gift to the person you care about.

Blue Background Happy Birthday Template

This template has special ribbons, balloons and cake like font. The blue background matches perfectly with the balloons, ribbon and the font. The unique thing about this template is that it is print ready. The high-resolution template is editable although you should use it as is. Download this and use it to send best wishes to anyone you care about.

Purple Happy Birthday Template/Image

This happy birthday template has a name space on it, which means that you can actually include the name of the person that has a birthday to celebrate. The individual can be any person from your kid, wife, husband or family friend to colleagues at the office and distant friends.

Happy Birthday Template

A good party is, perhaps, the only thing your significant other wishes for on their birthday, and that means there must be a special gift to grace the occasion. Now, this gift template is such a sweet piece you wouldn’t want to miss bringing to that party. So, it is best if you download this, and use it as a surprise for your significant other.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Image with Multi Colors

Digital balloons, red sunflowers and random color ribbons are exactly the elements that you can see on this unique template. In fact, the color combination of these elements makes the template to look colorful and attractive. This template is for those who want to wish their loved ones a happy birthday in a unique way.

Happy Birthday Template


Balloons and Birthday Text

Kids love balloons, so your child’s next birthday celebration shouldn’t miss a dozen or so. And if you don’t have time to buy real balloons for your child’s birthday party, you can download a high quality balloon and birthday text template, customize it and print it for them to see during their birthday.

Creative Birthday Image with Balloons

A collection of inflated balloons is not only colorful, but also symbolic. When used as an object to wish someone happy birthday, they symbolize life. When accompanied with an encouraging text, the Happy Birthday Thingy, it symbolizes hope and goodwill. So, when you send this to someone that you care about, you are actually telling them that you are wishing them goodwill in their new life.

Simple Elegant Happy Birthday Image

A happy birthday image is something you can design on your own, but just imagine how much time it would take to get one piece done! You should consider download a free and cheap, yet high quality, happy birthday image template instead. Luckily, this piece is perfect, and you can use it to send good wishes to a friend you care about.

Happy Birthday in Unique Font Style

Your five-year-old price shouldn’t miss the best birthday wish when she turns six. Put a smile on her face with a colorful happy birthday wish image. This piece of template is professional. It can be printed, wrapped in an envelope and sent separately or along with other birthday gifts. Download this piece for free today.

Happy Birthday Football Cake


Beautiful Happy Birthday Card


3D Illustration of a Gift Box For Birthday


Happy Birthday Whishes


Simple Happy Birthday Template


Creative Birthday Image


Happy Birthday Image In Different Pattren


Beautiful Happy Birthday Template in Blue


Simple Happy Birthday Template


Happy Birthday Template


Happy Birthday Image


Abstract Happy Birthday Template


Birthday Image with Gifts


Firework Happy Birthday Template


Happy Birthday in White and Orange


Funny Birthday Image


Delicious White Vanilla Birthday Cake With Red


Happy Birthday On Sand


Big Birthday Cake Template


Birthday Template


Elegant Happy Birthday Template/Background

A good party is, perhaps, the only thing your significant other wishes for on their birthday, and that means there must be a special gift to grace the occasion. Now, this gift template is such a sweet piece you wouldn’t want to miss bringing to that party. So, it is best if you download this, and use it as a surprise for your significant other.

Happy Birthday With Gift Letter


Heart Shape Vintage Ornamental Template


Birthday Hand Lettering and Doodles Elements Background


Birthday Doodle Image


Happy Birthday Template


Happy Birthday in Blue


Colorful Birthday Template


Greeting Card for Birthday


Animated Happy Birthday Template


Happy Birthday Image


Colorful Happy Birthday Image


Happy Birthday Cartoon Design Image


Happy Birthday Cake !!


Happy Birthday Elements


Happy Birthday Card Background


Happy Birthday Greeting Image


Birthday Surprise Gifts


Birthday Background


Happy Birthday Postcard Image


Happy Birthday with Teddy Bear


Pleasant Happy Birthday Template


Illustration on Orange Background


Digital Clipart For Birthday


Birthday Cake Template


Birthday Typography Template


Creative Happy Birthday Template


Birthday Candles


Creative Happy Birthday Template


3D Happy Birthday Template


Happy Birthday Cloud Word Template


Unconventional images such as a shot taken over the shoulder of a young child reading his birthday card also appeal to designers. This creates perspective and gives a refreshing point-of-view, an always-welcome change in the world. A shot framed by colourfully wrapped presents is also very aesthetically pleasing, as is a whimsically decorated cake. To take a more rustic route, artists can go for a shot with weathered wood as the background with a small blackboard having ‘Happy Birthday!’ written on it in the foreground, along with a hand-quilted heart. The colours in these images can be either pastel or primary. The theme is to be decided by the purpose, though the central idea stays the same. Another interesting creative idea would be a shot of the words ‘Happy Birthday Background!’ on the seashore, in large font and in 3D, surrounded by rising colourful balloons. For children, animated animal silhouettes shaped like the two words would be a great option, as would be a colourful rainbow cake decorated with tiny colourful balls.

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