31+ Transparent Backgrounds – PSD, EPS, AI, Illustrator Format Download!

Not everyone likes the sparkling or glittering backgrounds, hence, for them we present the elite assortment of editable transparent backgrounds that have lovely effects in simple designs. Not loud at all, the photorealistic psd backgrounds have an elegant and pleasing appearance making it perfect background for websites, presentations, etc. Set the elegant wallpaper as your laptop wallpaper it will sooth your eyes every time you switch to the main screen. Our wide range of incredible jpeg transparent backgrounds will surely leave you enthralled. There’s plenty of options including cloudy sky, water bubble or single flower customisable background. the simple and sober look of the blue background will present your business in a pleasant way to the audience.

Fire on Transparent Background Vector EPS Format

fire on transparent background vector eps format

The burning fire on a checkered transparent background has created a brilliant scene that reminds of ardent passion – which fuels life and inspires it to march forward. It seems as if fire is diffusing out through a paper. If you are looking for a tangy background for your desktop or mobile, this would be a great option for you.

transparent backgrounds

Realistic Shining Water Drops Vector AI Download

realistic shining water drops vector ai download

Water drops make a real pretty picture and what when you have them in varied shapes? The conical shape is just too dramatic and in reality water drops can be in circles, an ambiguous pentagon, a spiral flow and so on. If you are looking for something different for your desktop or smartphone wallpaper background, this would be a great choice.

Transparent Vector Effects Series EPS Download

transparent vector effects series eps download

The light diffusing from the top has brightened up the entire scene with its gorgeous luminous essence and the entire picture fills up the heart with the light of hope- that everything would be shining and sound end of the day. It’s available in several sizes whether you want it for your smartphone or desktop.

Butterfly on Transparent Background EPS Download

butterfly on transparent background eps download

With so many lovely butterflies on one background, this is surely a pretty colorful scene that lightens up the mood immediately. It’s a revelation to see so many colors and so much of vibrancy whenever you will open your desktop or smartphone. Who won’t love to have the background for his phone or PC?

Isolated Realistic Cigarette Smoke EPS Format Download

isolated realistic cigarette smoke eps format download

The way the smoke goes up in an artistic spiral in the air paints a really stylish scene for all who seeks beauty in even the mundane of things. The transparent background here has come up with not one but 3 different pictures of isolated smoke which would be great for your desktop or smartphone background.

Star Shaped Christmas Lights on Transparent Background

star shaped christmas lights on transparent background

If you are looking for a bright background for your digital presentations such as flyers and posters- nothing can be brighter than a starry presence. These vibrant star shaped Christmas lights immediately sweeps you to the loads of happy Christmas memories & moments you create every year with your loved ones.

Clouds on Transparent Background EPS Format

clouds on transparent background eps format

Tuft of pristine clouds roaming across a grey sky remind of the much desired heavy downpour when you are suffocated of a scorching summer. The whole picture has got a cool effect to it that soothes the mind & heart- the background would be fine for your desktop, smartphone and even digital presentations.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Isolated Transparent Background

red hot chili peppers isolated transparent background

If you are looking for something spicy to lift up the mood everytime you open up your desktop or smartphone- nothing can be spicier than 2 fresh red hot chili peppers against a white transparent backdrop. You can use it for your flyers and posters as well, especially, when you are planning a flyer for your restaurant.

Vector Sound Waves Set on Transparent Background Download

vector sound waves set on transparent background download

The vibrant sound waves have created a gorgeous sight here while put against a dark transparent backdrop. You have the waves in different styles and vibrant shades that altogether bring variation in the picture. It’s stylish, luminous and it would be grand to have it as your desktop or phone background.

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12 Tech Templates on Transparent Background Download

tech templates on transparent background download

If you are a tech geek who would love to have a touch of tech in your backgrounds, here are as many as 12 backgrounds for you. There are 6 options for light background & 6 for dark background & each of them carries geometrical shapes. You can use these high resolution backgrounds for your flyers, posters and so on.

Sweet Cherries Isolated on Transparent Background Download

sweet cherries isolated on transparent background download

Snowflakes Christmas Balls Transparent Backgrounds

snowflakes christmas balls transparent backgrounds

Bee on a Transparent Background PSD Format Download

bee on a transparent background psd format download

Firework Salute Burst on Transparent Background Download

firework salute burst on transparent background download

Rainbows Transparent Set Background Download

rainbows transparent set background download

3D Paint Splashes with Transparent Background PSD Download

d paint splashes with transparent background psd download

Abstract Transparent Background with Circles Download

abstract transparent background with circles download

Vector Abstract Smoke Background Illustration Download

vector abstract smoke background illustration download

6 Colored Circles on Transparent Background PSD Download

colored circles on transparent background psd download

Abstract Transparent Seamless Background Download

abstract transparent seamless background download

Abstract green Transparent Background Template Download

abstract green transparent background template download

Mercury on Transparent Backgrounds PSD Download

mercury on transparent backgrounds psd download

Transparent Cubes with a Luminous Gold Outline Background

transparent cubes with a luminous gold outline background

Splash Water Fish Transparent Background Download

splash water fish transparent background download

Transparent Bubbles Background Vector EPS

transparent bubbles background vector eps

Transparent Flowers Stock Photo Background Template Download

transparent flowers stock photo background template download

Abstract Colorful Transparent Background Template Download

abstract colorful transparent background template download

Transparent Modern Background Collection AI Format

transparent modern background collection ai format

Download Transparent Background with Gradient Eff

download transparent background with gradient eff

Glass Transparent Ball on Light Pink Background Download

glass transparent ball on light pink background download

Flying Blue Transparent Cubes Background EPS Download

flying blue transparent cubes background eps download