15+ Rainbow Backgrounds – Free PSD, EPS, AI, JPG, PNG Format Download!

What do you get when the seven colors of the color spectrum? A rainbow, of course! Violet, indigo, blue, green – all the major colors combine together in this spectacular phenomenon of nature to add color to our lives. Now rainbows are a rare sighting, how may times have you seen rainbows? Once or twice or may be a few times at the most. But now it is possible to look at the beauty of a rainbow whenever you want. Wondering how? With the help of a rainbow background template! Such templates have been created specifically to make a colorful background for you to use. What more could you ask for?

rainbow backgrounds

Gradients and Transparency Rainbow Background

gradients and transparency rainbow background

Gradient and Transparency Rainbow background is the best pastel background you should be using now. Whether you need an upgrade or you just bored with your current background, you can use this one for inspiration. If you think about it, the colors of the rainbow are just as amazing as this piece of artwork that you can download for free.

Abstract ABC Rainbow Color Background

abstract abc rainbow color background

Cute Spring Rainbow Background with a Plane

spring rainbow background with a planeDownload

Abstract Vector Rainbow Background

abstract vector rainbow background

Add visual attraction to the welcome page of your Tumblr blog with abstract vector rainbow background. Whether you are a fashion blogger or you just want to display your artwork, this rainbow background is all you need to create an outstanding attraction that will make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Abstract Watercolor Painting Rainbow Background

abstract watercolor painting rainbow background

Pretty Summer Landscape Rainbow Background

summer landscape rainbow backgroundDownload

So you too can bring color back into your lives with the help of rainbow background templates. You can use these templates any way you want to, that’s the magic of rainbow templates. This could be your chance, to get your hands on rainbows for yourself! Bring back rainbows, which you’ve seen only in the sky, to things you can touch and feel with background of rainbow templates.

10 Abstract Rainbow Backgrounds for Photo

0 abstract rainbow backgrounds for photo

Hologram Background in Rainbow Colors

hologram background in rainbow colorsDownload

Neon Rainbow Waves Diagonal Background

neon rainbow waves diagonal background

> Types of Rainbow Background Templates

If you thought that there was only one type of rainbow background, well you couldn’t be more wrong. There are several types of free rainbow background templates online –

  • Abstract rainbow background templates – Such templates use the seven colors of the rainbow to create beautiful abstract patterns on them. Beautiful designs have been created using combining the seven colors.
  • Realistic rainbow background templates – Unlike abstract patterns, such rainbow backgrounds use realistic designs to create beautiful patterns. For example, floral designs are being used with the seven colors to make aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • Rainbow wallpaper templates – Such wallpapers can be used for a number of purposes like desktop wallpapers or website backgrounds. These usually contain images of beautiful scenery along with a striking rainbow in the background.

Colorful 3D Cubes Rainbow Background Download

colorful 3d cubes rainbow background download

Abstract Rainbow Colors Modern Background

abstract rainbow colours modern background

Colorful Starburst Rainbow Background

colourful starburst rainbow background

Give your computer’s welcome screen a new look with this colorful starburst rainbow background. Whether you own a mini laptop, a desktop computer, or a normal-size laptop for personal or business use, this background makes a unique option to give that welcome screen a beautiful look. Download the background for free today.Download

Cool Rainbow Wallpaper Background Design

cool rainbow wallpaper background

Awesome Rainbow Background Photoshop

awesome rainbow background photoshop

Sky Rainbow Background Vector

sky rainbow background vectorDownload

Abstract Light Rainbow Background

abstract light rainbow backgroundDownload

> Uses of Rainbow Background Templates

Rainbow background templates can be used for a number of purposes. For one, you may use them as desktop wallpapers, or as the background to your website. You may even download rainbow background templates to use them for their spectacular and stunning designs. So try one out now!

> Tips While Using Rainbow Background Templates

  • While using downloadable rainbow background templates, there are few things you should keep in mind-
  • If you’re planning to use the template as a background to your desktop or website, make sure the design is subtle and not overwhelming. An overwhelming design could spoil the look.
  • Do not choose the first option displayed to you. There are hundreds of options when it comes to rainbow templates. Go through each one carefully and make a decision.
  • Only choose customizable rainbow background templates. These templates are really easy to edit and customize, which is exactly what you wanted, isn’t it? see this rainbow Photoshop brush.

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