15+ Pink Backgrounds – Free PSD, EPS, JPEG, PNG Format Download!

Pink is pretty and there is no doubt in it. The beautiful shade evokes so many themes and emotions and hence will definitely make an awesome for backgrounds- whether you want it for desktops or your newly bought iPhone or website, blogs or cards & Pink backgrounds. The color speaks of romance, femininity, good will, emotional healing, emotional maturity, affection, delicacy, ethereal, nurturing and so on. Moreover, pink comes with a calming effect that creates an amicable environs when you use it for your blog or website.

pink backgrounds

Vector Work Pink Background

vector work pink background

Uses of Pink Backgrounds

Yes, pink is not overtly used as white or dark patterns, but the color has its own uses given its quintessential pretty feel. Pink website backgrounds would be great for salon, beauty or make-up, spa and fashion websites. Then, you can use pink backgrounds for blogs dealing with women, babies, parenting, health and so on. Besides, pink backgrounds are really good for stationeries like cards. You will find a good deal of pink wedding backgrounds for wedding invitations or save the date cards. Pink is the color of love and romance and hence make a great match for wedding or love cards. Moreover, you can also spice up your social media pages with pink facebook backgrounds.

Golden Orchid on a Pink Background

golden orchid on a pink background

Corner White Shade Pink Background for Phone

corner white shade pink background for phoneDownload

Pink Hearts Backgrounds HD for Desktop

pink hearts backgrounds hd for desktopDownload

Types of pink backgrounds

Pink backgrounds come up in a wide assortment of themes, patterns and designs. For typical pink backgrounds for girls, there are ones with pink hearts or pink bubbles or pretty damsel smiling in pink. For something different, you can try out pink splashes dominating a white surface. Pink backgrounds with flowers are also common. Some of them come with a big headshot of a gorgeous pink rose while you also have backgrounds with a bunch of pink flowers painting a very picturesque vista. Then, there are pink backgrounds with “I love pink” written all over them. A cute puppy sleeping peacefully over a soft pink blanket would make a wonderful pink iphone background.

Cloud Heart Pink Wallpaper as Background

cloud heart pink wallpaper as backgroundDownload

Transparent Hearts on Pink Background

transparent hearts on pink background

Pink Teddy Bear Doll Background for Girls

pink teddy bear doll background for girlsDownload

Why take to pink background templates?

The pink background templates are really helpful as they offer you pre-constructed pink backgrounds so that you don’t have to waste time and effort in creating the entire thing from scratch. These templates are easily customizable for your text. see this floral background.

Tips for using pink backgrounds

  • Use light pink background for desktop or smartphone home screens to ensure easy visibility of icons
  • For text, black would be a great color against hot pink background. You can also use purple over light pink backdrop.
  • Use pink cute background template
  • Use HD pink backgrounds for amazing high definition visuals.

We are to help

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