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97+ Blue Backgrounds – Free PSD, EPS, Illustrator Format Download!

Research says that the world’s favorite is blue! The most calming colors in the world are usually shades of blue. The color of the skies and oceans is said to be the color of the mind – it affects us mentally, than the physical reaction of humans to a color like red. ( blue backgrounds,light blue background,dark blue background,blue background wallpaper ) It is also said to release calming chemicals in our body, and people are believed to be comparatively more productive in blue rooms. Incorporate this soothing color into your life and be benefited its positive aspects – download these top blue Cool backgrounds for free, or pay for the premium ones.

Glowing Blue Background Format

glowing blue background eps format


The color blue has an instantly cooling influence on the eyes and mind. If you want to relieve yourself of stress, the color blue is great, especially if it’s the hero of a background design. This sample blue background features white spiral lines, and makes it appear like a peaceful vista. Download and spread this background on your desktop or mobile device!

Abstract Blue Broking Glass Background for Desktop

abstract blue broking glass background for desktop
Broken glasses splattered all over create a unique exotic look amidst a blue backdrop presenting you with a true edgy background for your abstract taste. Whether you are looking for a stunning background for your desktop or tablet or smartphone- this exclusive abstract blue broking glass background is your answer to all.

5 Navy Blue Watercolor Backgrounds Download

navy blue watercolor backgrounds download

Blue Circles Abstraction Free Desktop Background

blue circles abstraction free desktop background
The background here speaks of rich color from every corner with its rich royal blue presence. The circles covering the background range from light to dark blue shades which altogether form an abstract scene which would make a gorgeous backdrop for your tablet or desktop or netbook or playbook. It’s a full HD backdrop.

Midnight Blue Background Template Illustrator Download

midnight blue background template illustrator download

The midnight blue background template comes up with as many as ten stunning blue & purple sky backgrounds that are sure to blow your mind away with their very cosmic appeal. The subtle textures & star patterns speak of a beautiful dreamy effect. This background would be a good fit for your digital presentations, desktop or mobile.

Sangai Senki Blue Background for Girl Phone

sangai senki blue background for girl phone
If you are looking something truly girly for your smartphone background, this Sangai Senki blue background has got the perfect answer for you. The cartoon cuties are all about smartness, style, glamour and inspiring women power- in a nutshell, they come up with everything the damsels need for their smartphone background.

Alien Insider Blue Background for Laptop Free Download

alien insider blue background for laptop free download
If you have a taste for science fiction, this alien insider blue background would be an awesome pick for your laptop background. You have varying shades of blue here teamed up with black and white that altogether bring on a gorgeous scene. No wonder, the background has garnered rave reviews from viewers and users.

Blue Jaguar Road Grass Lake Trees Background Download

blue jaguar road grass lake trees background download
The classy blue Jaguar dominating the road speaks highly of the overwhelming presence of the elegant steam. The calm lake on the right also adds on hints of blue to the background, creating an awesome sight for you. All those looking for an amazing blue background for desktops or smartphones will have the answer here.

Frozen Lake Blue Background for Laptop Download

frozen lake blue background for laptop download
The frozen lake comes up with a serene vista of class and tranquility. The girl walking over the icy lake adds on the desired dose of style and cuteness to the overall scene. It will make an awesome background for your laptop, especially when you have a special corner for the winter & snow.

Dragon Tale Blue Background Template for Free Desktop

dragon tale blue background template for free desktop
Dragons are no doubt fascinating creatures and if you have a special fancy for these wonder beings, this blue background dominated by dragon tails would be the right pick for your desktop background. Apart from blue, the background has also used white and hints of violet here and there to create a surreal effect.

Blue Eye Background Template for Cell Phone Free Download

blue eye background template for cell phone free download

Blue Ray Background EPS Download

blue ray background eps download

Blue Beautiful FlowersBackground Download for Desktop

blue beautiful flowersbackground download for desktop

6 Blue Ombre Watercolor Backgrounds

blue ombre watercolor backgrounds

12 Powder Blue Digital Backgrounds Download

powder blue digital backgrounds download

Download Blue Background With Hexagons EPS

download blue background with hexagons eps

12 Green & Blue Watercolor Backgrounds

green blue watercolor backgrounds

Global Colors Blue Background EPS Design

global colors blue background eps design

Plain Blue sky Background Download

plain blue sky background download

Abstract Blue Background Template Download

abstract blue background template download

Wavy Lines Blue Abstract Background in EPS Format

wavy lines blue abstract background in eps format

12 Blue Textures Background Designs Download

blue textures background designs download

Vintage Poster Blue Background Download

vintage poster blue background download

Floral Blue Background With Bouquets EPS Download

floral blue background with bouquets eps download

Blue Abstract Background With Shadow EPS Format

blue abstract background with shadow eps format

Download The Design Bokeh Blue Background

download the design bokeh blue background

Editable Vector Illustration Blue Background EPS

editable vector illustration blue background eps

16 Blue Glitter & Bokeh Backgrounds Download

blue glitter bokeh backgrounds download

Abstract Dark Blue Background Design Download

abstract dark blue background design download

Dark Blue Mosaic Glowing Backgrounds Download

dark blue mosaic glowing backgrounds download

Blue Cell Background EPS Format Download

blue cell background eps format download

Fresh Seafood on Blue Background Premium Download

fresh seafood on blue background premium download

Abstract Background Blue Color Download

abstract background blue color download

Deep Blue Backgrounds PSD Format Download

deep blue backgrounds psd format download

Abstract Bokeh Background Design Format Download

abstract bokeh background design format download

3D Blue Background Premium Download

d blue background premium download

Empty Dark Blue Background Download

empty dark blue background download

Arabian Blue Background Vector EPS Download

arabian blue background vector eps download

A Variety of Shades and Textures of Blue Backgrounds

There are numerous shades of blue – the softer paler shades are said to calm and sooth frayed nerves and help in concentrating, while the stronger hues are supposed to stimulate and provide clarity to thought. Choose from the best blue backgrounds, green backgroudns – there are clear skies, wide expanses of oceans and seas, blue waves, sparkling ice-blue, striking petrol blue, abstract images of soft muted blue, blue bokeh, blue glitter, etc.

Use Calming Blue Backgrounds Any Where

If you have a short attention span and bad concentration, use light blue HD backgrounds as your desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad wallpaper to improve your concentration. Use patterned blue backgrounds, blue bokeh or sparkly blue glittery backgrounds to give your Twitter, myspace or Tumblr account a chic yet serene look. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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