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48+ Christmas Backgrounds – Free PSD, AI, Illustrator, JPEG, EPS Format Download!

Christmas brings in those red and white shades coupled with a flavor of festivity. With the days fast approaching, it becomes highly imperative for the designers to include these deemed Christmas Templates / backgrounds into their responsive website designing plans. Most of these backgrounds sport a new look with vibrant yet configurable color combinations and several decorative schemes. You can also see more on Christmas Papers.

Free Merry Christmas Background

free merry christmas backgroundDownload Now

Simple Christmas Background Template

simple christmas background templateDownload Now

Free Small Christmas Background Template

free small christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Happy Christmas Background Template

free happy christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Girly Christmas Background Template

free girly christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Elegant Christmas Background Template

free elegant christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Blurred Christmas Background Template

free blurred christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Vintage Christmas Background Template

free vintage christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Silver Christmas Background Template

free silver christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Pastel Christmas Background Template

free pastel christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Orange Christmas Background Template

free orange christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Winter Christmas Background Template

free winter christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Rustic Christmas Background Template

free rustic christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Anime Christmas Background Template

free anime christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Animated Christmas Background Template

free animated christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Green Christmas Background Template

free green christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Pink Christmas Background Template

free pink christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Gold Christmas Background Template

free gold christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Cute Christmas Background Template

free cute christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free Red Christmas Background Template

free red christmas backgroundDownload Now

Free High Resolution Christmas Background Template

free high resolution christmas backgroundDownload Now

Christmas White Wallpaper Background Template

christmas white backgroundDownload Now

50 Christmas Backgrounds JPEG Format Download

0 christmas backgrounds jpeg format download

You are getting as many as 50 Christmas backgrounds here in a wide range of shades. It’s now easy for you to pick and choose the most compatible one for you from such a wide collection. You can also see more on Christmas Coupons.

Decorated Christmas Background File Format Download

decorated christmas background file format downloa

The wooden background speaks of class and the fir leaves bordering it spell Christmas to the T. The overall look is further complemented by the candle, stars and balls that immediately remind of Christmas tree. You can also see more on Christmas Cliparts.

Christmas Background Vector EPS Format

christmas background vector eps format

The icy-blue backdrop immediately takes one to the good old winter days that sets the prelude of merry Christmas. The brightly decked up Christmas tree has created a wonderful contrast. You can also see more on Christmas Drawings.

Wooden Christmas Background With Red Berries

wooden christmas background with red berries

This wooden Christmas backdrop looks simple yet elegant. To add a dash of color, you have the green fir leaves hanging from the top with a hint of snow and the red berries looks simply gorgeous. You can also see more on Christmas Vector.

5 Snowflake Christmas Backgrounds JPEG Image

snowflake christmas backgrounds jpeg image

Christmas Background Illustrator EPS Download

christmas background illustrator eps download

Holiday Christmas Background with a Sack EPS Format

holiday christmas background with a sack eps forma

Gingerbreads Wooden Christmas Backgrounds Download

gingerbreads wooden christmas backgrounds download

Christmas Background with Falling Snowflakes Vector EPS

christmas background with falling snowflakes vecto

Download Christmas Background With Cone

download christmas background with cone

12 Vintage Christmas Card Background PSD Format

vintage christmas card background psd format

Bright Lights Blurred Christmas Background Download

bright lights blurred christmas background downloa

Holiday Christmas Background With A Village EPS Download

holiday christmas background with a village eps do

10 High Resolution Christmas Backgrounds AI Format Download

0 christmas backgrounds ai format download

160 Christmas Backgrounds Bundle Photoshop PSD Download

0 christmas backgrounds bundle photoshop psd dow

Blue Christmas Background with Snowflakes EPS Download

blue christmas background with snowflakes eps down

Free Snowflakes Christmas Backgrounds Photoshop PSD

snowflakes christmas backgrounds photoshop psd

Free Vector Real Merry Christmas Background

free vector merry christmas background

Red Snowy Christmas Background Design

snowy christmas background

Cute Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper Download

cute christmas wallpaper download

Free Christmas Tree Background

free christmas tree background

Printable Christmas Background for Desktop

printable christmas background

Christmas Snowflakes Scene Wallpaper for iPhone

christmas snowflakes scene wallpaper for iphone

Cute Abstract Christmas Background & Wallpaper

cute christmas background wallpaper

Free Christmas Decorations Background Pictures

christmas decorations background pictures

Transparent Snowman Gingerbread Background JPG

snowman gingerbread background jpg HD wallpapers and higher resolution pictures make the cut as the favored free backgrounds. Other premium items are also up for grabs and downloading them is also equally easy given the cost considerations are met. The world of Christmas banners essentials is updating with each passing moment as PSD format files and best illustrators are included with most. Certain top class wallpapers are created which focus on singling out the aspects related to the occasion. With those pine trees soaring high and the jingle bells chiming, these backgrounds cover up every given arena besides adding colorful options for the professionals. You can also see more on Rainbow Backgrounds.

What is Christmas Background Portrait

A background image that has been designed to represent Christmas theme is called Christmas background portrait. On the eve of the Christmas, the demand for Christmas background portrait reaches the peak as everyone likes to use it on your social media profiles, websites or any online visual platform. You can download different Christmas background portrait templates for this purpose as these sample outline templates have the eye-catching designs and they look stunning from all aspects. There are some Best Facebook Christmas Backgrounds, awesome design website Christmas backgrounds and other related templates available. All of these templates are fully editable and you can resize them to fit in any required size. You can also see more on Mountain Backgrounds.

How to make a Christmas Background for Pictures

Apart from using the Christmas background portrait for the online medium, people like to take a printout and create amazing designs for cards and packaging material. All you need to do is download Christmas background portrait simple outline templates, resize and reshape them. You can also add different other designing components to them and necessary text with ornamental fonts. There are some awesome Christmas Gift Box Packaging Designs available which will make your gift stand out in the crowd. There are also templates for Christmas cards and interior decoration. If you have taken a photo with a transparent background, you can also place a Christmas background in it to go with the theme of Christmas celebration. You can alsos see more on Diwali Backgrounds.

How to Design Website Christmas Background

Every type of website changes their background during the Christmas season to appear appealing to the visitors. To design website Christmas background, you need to download some awesome Christmas Templates. There are various types of designs available with multiple colors and patterns. After downloading them, you can modify them as per your requirement like adding text, objects, resizing them and even changing their file format. These are already compressed in size so that they do not hinder the loading speed of the one page website. You can use different Christmas background on different web pages to surprise the visitors. You can also see more on Merry Christmas.

There are some animated background templates also available to take your website to the next level. One can add these with any given website on weighing down the utilitarian aspects, thus, boosting the creative aspects considerably. Be it the desktop wallpaper designs or the website landing page backdrops, high definition backgrounds are in demand and provide infinite scrolling options and scalable layouts for both personal and commercial use. You can also see Christmas Party Invitation Templates.

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