63+ Green Backgrounds – PSD, EPS, Illustrator

Nature green wallpaper backgrounds are beautiful themselves, but when applied on your website or presentation it immediately heightens the impact. Greenery is always soothing to the eye, especially in this paced up urban lifestyle. So making your presentation a bit more green than usual will do no harm. Rather it’ll help to emphasize your content a little more. But while using these Dark Wooden backgrounds, make sure they do not fetch away all the attention; because nature is almost always more attractive than an official presentation or a business website.

green backgrounds

Elegant Green Fire Background Template

green fire backgroundDownload

Green Zoom Background Template

green zoom backgroundDownload

Green Glitter Background Template

green glitter backgroundDownload

Green Marble Background Template

green marble backgroundDownload

Free Green Aesthetic Background

green aesthetic backgroundDownload

Green Screen Background Template

green screen backgroundDownload

Green Wave Background Template

green wave backgroundDownload

Green Stripes Background Template

green stripes backgroundDownload

Green Grunge Background Template

green grunge backgroundDownload

Green Business Background

green business backgroundDownload

Simple Green Backdrop Background

green backdrop backgroundsDownload

Green Trees Background Template

green trees backgroundDownload

Green Paper Background Template

green paper backgroundDownload

Green Jungle Background Template

green jungle backgroundDownload

Green Grass Background Template

green grass backgroundDownload

Green Nature Background Template

green nature backgroundDownload

Green Flower Background Template

green flower backgroundDownload

Green Anime Background Template

green anime backgroundDownload

Green and White Background

green and white backgroundDownload

Green Gradient Background Template

green gradient backgroundsDownload

Beautiful Green Background with Trees

trees green background

Cool Abstract Green Background Template

abstract green background

12 Green HD Backgrounds CS Format

green hd backgrounds cs format
The fresh feel of the green color energizes the mood in an instant. If you are fond of green backgrounds, here are 12 green full HD backgrounds that would be awesome for your web design or product display projects. You have the greens here in varying shades- while some carries a bright touch of yellow, some are really calm with white accents. You can also see more on Floral Backgrounds.

Africa Map on Green Background EPS Download

africa map on green background eps download
The background here is meant to flaunt your love for Africa with white map of the continent amidst a green backdrop. The overall backdrop has got a neat and smart outlook and would be great if you favor minimalist designs. You can use it for your desktop or your news smartphone. You can see more like Linkedin Background Image Templates.

Abstract Green Background Download Free Download

abstract green background download free download
The background here carries a unique neon green with varying degrees of the hue before you. The glowing foliage breaks the dark green monotony with its light accents. In a nutshell, you are getting a stunning background for your desktop or laptop or mobile. It has a dramatic effect to it, heightened by an exotic touch. You can also see more on Rainbow Backgrounds.

Wood Textured Green background Forest Download

wood textured green background forest download
The gorgeous sun lighting up the entire forest through the trees surely state a picturesque vista for the weary eyes. The sunny scene freshen the mood in an instant and hence would be a great pick for your desktop or smartphone background. The wooden portal at the fore looks classy. You can also see more on Spring Backgrounds.

Green Background with Tree Flowers and Sparkles EPS Format

green background with tree flowers and sparkles eps format
If you are looking for something fresh and cute with green background for your computer or mobile phone, the background here would be perfect for you. The green leaves and white floral accents here and there have together created a really soothing view. The brown trunk duly breaks the green monotony. You can also see more on Chalk Backgrounds.

Green Virus Background Download for Laptop

green virus background download for laptop
Hate them or condemn them but you surely can’t ignore the viruses and they are everywhere. The green virus background here speaks of that pressing presence of viruses all over with its macro view on the virus. The background has used varying shades of the green hue and the backdrop would be fantastic for any laptop, especially if you are a student of biology. You can also see more on Sukkot Backgrounds.

16 Green Glitter & Bokeh Backgrounds Premium Download

green glitter bokeh backgrounds premium download
If you are looking for some glitters and sparkles with your smartphone or desktop backgrounds, these 16 green backgrounds would be awesome for you. You have them in varying shades of green, ranging from fern to emerald and you also have them in 16 different styles- from bokeh to glitter to star dust- you have it all. You can also see more on Food Background.

Bright Sun Green Natural Backgrounds

bright sun green natural backgrounds
The green grass right at the fore conveys a fresh feel assuring a stunning backdrop for your desktop or smartphone or laptop. The beaming sunrays further heighten the overall appeal of the background, adding a vibrant flavor to it. If you are looking for beautiful natural backgrounds, no need to look further. You can also see more on Wedding Mobile Backgrounds.

The macro view of the mantis presents an edgy effect to the overall wallpaper background and would duly fit the bill when you are in search of insects wallpaper background for your phone. The green presence all over renders a soothing touch to the overall vista. It’s something definitely out of the box. You can also see more on Sunflower Backgrounds.

10 Green Backgrounds Pattern CS4 Format Download

0 green backgrounds cs4 format download
If you are fond of green backgrounds and looking for a one, these 10 green backgrounds is sure to quench your thirst for greens. All the ten backgrounds here come up in a wide variety of textures and you can use them for all your digital presentations – be it websites, PPT presentations or cards or headers or portfolio.

Old Wooden Rustic Green Door Background

old wooden rustic green door background

Green Bud Flower Plant Background for Desktop

green bud flower plant background for desktop

Fresh Spring Green Grass Background Download

fresh spring green grass background download

Colorful Illustration with Green Background EPS Download

colorful illustration with green background eps download

Download Green Divorce Curls Free Background

download green divorce curls free background

12 Printable Digital Green Background Template Download

printable digital green background template download

Download Summer Seasonal Backgrounds Design

download summer seasonal backgrounds design

Green Background with Tree Branch Flowers EPS

green background with tree branch flowers eps

14 Vibrant Green Solid Digital Background Papers Download

vibrant green solid digital background papers download

Fresh Morning Dew on a Green Spring Grass

fresh morning dew on a green spring grass

Floral Art Green Background for Laptop Free Download

floral art green background for laptop free download

Download Green Background Spring is Coming

download green background spring is coming

Green Background with Clover Leaves and Golden Coins

green background with clover leaves and golden coins

Emerald Isle Green Backgrounds Download

emerald isle green backgrounds download

Green Sparkle Background With Snowflakes Vector EPS

green sparkle background with snowflakes vector eps

Square Boxes Abstract Background Green Download

square boxes abstract background green download

Green Shiny Background with Christmas Tree Illustration

green shiny background with christmas tree illustration

Summer Magic Green Background Download for Free

summer magic green background download for free

Christmas Decoration on Green Background EPS Design

christmas decoration on green background eps design

Download Green Blurred Background and Sunlight

download green blurred background and sunlight

Black And Neon Green Backgrounds HD Wallpaper

black and neon green backgrounds hd wallpaper

Black And Green HD Wallpapers Background for Desktop

black and green hd wallpapers background for desktop

Snowman with Brooch on a Green Background EPS

snowman with brooch on a green background eps

Texture Of Deer On a Green Background EPS Download

texture of deer on a green background eps download

Download Green Background or Christmas Background Design

download green background or christmas background design

Download Flowers With Leaves On a Green Background

download flowers with leaves on a green background

Download Abstract Green Background No Layers

download abstract green background no layers

Download Green Background or Christmas Background Design

download green background or christmas background design

Abstract Green Waves Vector Illustration Download

abstract green waves vector illustration download

4 Abstract Shapes Green Backgrounds Designs Download

abstract shapes green backgrounds designs download

Shading Lines Green Background Download

shading lines green background download

Water Drops on Green Background Design Download

water drops on green background design download

Your responsive website can benefit from it if you use a dynamic ever-changing slideshow in the background projecting the nature backgrounds. Many of the nature background vectors are available for free while some advanced stuffs are still to be paid for.

There are High Quality Nature Backgrounds in 1080p Available for Usage in Images

Many Photoshop artists do fumble to use nature backgrounds in the making of HD simple wallpaper backgrounds for computer in spite of the plethora of nature backgrounds for Photoshop format that are being offered. And if the implementation can be made natural enough, it will look absolutely brilliant, even if some logical ambiguity is there.

There are Dedicated Nature Backgrounds for PowerPoint Only: What do the Slide-Makers Have to Worry About?

Presentations often go quite boring in spite of being professional. All they lack is the pinch of green and natural hue Winter Solstice Backgrounds. Apply some nature backgrounds vectors in your presentation to soothe the mind of the audience. The same rule does apply for the websites. For example use a sea beach or a colorful garden as the backdrop for romantic contents or honeymoon articles. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!