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A creative brief allows creators and professional artists to determine what needs to be done for their creative work. This is especially useful in businesses like an advertisement, interior design, brand campaigns, etc.

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Creative brief Definition & Meaning

A creative brief is a document that outlines the strategies involved in a creative project.

This means it is used by creators and artists to outline details like goals, ideas, equipment, and other important information.

What Is A Creative brief?

A creative brief is a document used by professionals and creators to determine the needs and goals of a creative project. Its content is usually a series of questions made by the creative team for the client to answer, allowing both parties to know what the final product should look like. This is used in industries like advertising, animation, product design, etc.

10 Types Of Creative brief

Media Brief

A media brief is used by advertising companies that are involved with the media. It is used specifically for projects that have to do with mediums be it television, radio, or newspapers. Content of this type of creative brief is outlines of things like commercials, news articles, TV shows, etc.

media brief template ci94d

Strategic Brief

A strategic brief is typically used by businesses. It is specifically used for projects that involve effective strategies. Creative briefs like these contain content like business strategies for example.

strategic brief template towk

Management Brief

The management of a company needs a good strategy to run its operations and employees. This can be achieved through the use of projects aimed to promote productivity and employee satisfaction. With a management brief ideas for achieving those goals can be put into a concrete strategy.

management brief template zgqx

Hiring Brief

To recruit the best employees for the company, HR needs a good strategy. This is where a hiring brief is put in place. Its content involves things like referral programs, and recruitment incentives.

hiring brief template j63e

Trial Brief

Trial proceedings need to be summarized for the people involved to easily understand. This is where a trial brief is used. This type of creative brief can be used to gather the events of a trial in an organized matter.

trial brief template dwvm

Health And Safety Brief

To promote health and safety practices, sometimes one needs to get creative. With a health and safety brief, you can gather strategies to present a creative solution for an issue on the subject. Content for these types of briefs would involve informative projects on how to promote health and safety practices.

health and safety brief template go2pk

Event Brief

A creative event brief is used to organize events involving creative work. It could be about a film event or a music festival for example. Its content would involve outlines and strategies on how to make the event go smoothly.

event brief template 7kr9y

Business Brief

One has to be really creative to get ahead in business. A creative business brief allows users to come up with great ideas on how to promote their brand. This is quite similar to the strategy brief and management brief that was mentioned above.

business brief template dned

Legal Brief

Similar to the trial brief mentioned above, the legal brief is applicable in legal processes. This is often used in places like law schools and legal firms. It is primarily used to outline strategies and ideas involving legal cases.

legal brief template gn6f

Product Brief

A product brief is used by companies to promote their brand. This type of creative brief is tailored for creative teams who need to make creative works for a project. Examples of works that would need this type of creative brief are commercials, advertisements, promotional posts, etc.

product brief template y6g3f

Creative Brief Uses, Purpose, Importance

Creative projects involve a lot of planning and details. Things like a photo shoot for a magazine or web design for a website can’t be done without a proper strategy. With a creative brief, briefing the whole team on what needs to be done will bring order to the production process.

What’s In A Creative Brief? Parts?

Project Summary

The project summary gives an outline of the creative project, with three sentences maximum. This will help the team understand what they have signed up for in a few sentences.


This may be considered the main part of the creative brief. Write your goals using the SMART goals method to convey the right ideas.

Budget Estimation

This is an essential part of the project. Budget estimations allow both the client and the creative team to be on the same page on the cost of this project.


Writing down the timeline of the project is important. This allows the creative team to know how much time they’ll need to put in to prioritize the project.

whats in a creative brief parts

How To Design A Create Brief?

1. Choose a Creative Brief Size.

2. Decide the purpose of the creative brief.

3. Select the Creative Brief Template.

4. Gather your ideas and strategies.

5. Add your content in an organized manner.

6. Finalize the content of the creative brief and download it.

how to design a create brief

Creative brief Vs. Project Brief

A creative brief is a document used to determine and outline the key details for a creative project.

A project brief is an overview/description of the important elements t any kind of project.

What’s the Difference Between a Creative brief, Design brief, and Marketing brief?

A creative brief is an overview that is used to outline details for a creative project.

A design brief is a document used for projects involving the designs of something like a brand for example.

A marketing brief is a document that provides outlines for a marketing campaign.

Creative Brief Sizes

A creative brief can come in any size. However, they are usually printed out in official standard documents since they are used in business projects. Here are the two standard creative brief sizes they can be printed in.

creative brief sizes

Creative Brief Ideas & Examples

Creative briefs have varying degrees of content based on the subject matter. Take a look at our list of creative brief ideas that companies can use to present the next outlines and strategies.

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  • Creative Brief Ideas and Examples for Social media
  • Website Creative Brief Ideas and Examples
  • Infographic Creative Brief Ideas and Examples


What is a creative brief?

A creative brief is a document that provides outlines and guidelines for creative projects such as a video for a social media campaign example.

What makes a good creative brief?

A good creative brief document has its content organized and its objectives written in the SMART goals method.

Who should write a creative brief?

You should write a creative brief based on the background and objectives of the project you are taking as well as the target audience.

What are deliverables in a creative brief?

In a creative brief, deliverables are the files/documents used in a creative project such as infographics, photography, and even memes for example.

How to Write the Most Compelling Creative Brief?

To write a compelling creative brief, you must have a brief format that is about one page or two, as well as clear and concise instructions on the creative project involved.

How Clients Benefit From Agency Creative Briefs?

Clients get the benefit of knowing how the project is being planned and whether it will satisfy their requests.

What is a creative brief for a campaign?

A creative brief for a campaign is an outline for campaigns involving Social Media and marketing, meaning they are composed of various strategies to make the campaign a success.

What are key insights in a creative brief?

Key insights are the important information about the project that helps the creative team come up with ideas on how to make the creative project an effective final product.

What are five main components of creative brief?

Don’t bring up any assumptions, be brief, write down the deliverables, give realistic timelines, and be upfront on the budget of the project.

What is the significance of a creative brief in the advertising strategy?

A creative brief can provide great ideas on how to approach an advertising strategy which can inspire or encourage the creative team to do their best work.

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