Statements are official reports used to claim something or to make a point. But sometimes, they can be informal too, such as wearing a new dress to work, which can mean you’re making a fashion statement. statements

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Statement Definition & Meaning

A statement refers to a document that contains something stated, such as a single declaration or remark or a report of facts and opinions.

This is also regarded as the information content of an information-bearing sentence.

What is a Statement?

A statement is a document that contains an official account of facts (such as the time and date of a particular event/events), views, and plans, especially one that is for media release. It can also refer to a document that sets out debit and credit items between a bank and a customer. In a social context, a statement can mean an idea or opinion through something other than words.

10 Types of Statement

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. In other words, this document provides a concise explanation of a committee or company’s reason why they exist. This statement is vital since it motivates people to become a part of the said organization.


Personal Statement

A personal statement is also called a statement of purpose. It can be used to apply for a job, apply for university admission, and so on. In other words, this is an account of one’s achievements, interests, and goals that are often included in application letters or resumes.


Software Statement

A software statement can be used as a work statement or transcript for a software company. It can also refer to a document presented to an authorization server should a client request access/login (client registration request) on a particular product, website, or program. It can also mean a statement describing a software product’s core essence and overall objective (offline or online).


Cash Flow Statement

A cash flow statement is a document with a business or accounting purpose. This statement provides aggregated and updated data concerning all a company’s earnings, cash inflows, and outflows. This document bridges the income statement and a balance sheet of companies by showing where their money goes over time.


Advertising Statement

An advertising statement is a business document used by advertising agencies as a statement of work or a statement of purpose. It can also be known as a marketing statement that tells the reader of a company’s plan to achieve its mission. This statement is typically included in a business plan.


Billing Statement

Companies use a billing statement to give their clients an overview or to update their current charges within a given period (week, month, or year). This document is also known as an account statement. This is most commonly used as a credit card bill that summarizes an individual’s activity on the preceding month, which also itemizes any purchase made or payment received.


Construction Statement

A construction statement is a document that can outline the contractors and suppliers for a particular construction project. This document can also demonstrate every task method, important decision, work schedule, progress, and accomplishment of a construction project. At the same time, it can be used as a sworn or final statement.


Expense Statement

An expense statement details financial transactions focusing on expenses. This is typically used to reimburse employees who spend their personal budget on a business trip, such as a distant meeting trip with clients or traveling for an executive trip with the board of trustees. This document is also known as an expense report.


Finance Statement

Finance statements are records that outline the business activities and the status of a company’s financial performance. This is also known as a financial statement. Bankers and investors use these statements to assess and estimate a business’s health so they can make decisions that affect it.


School Statement

School statements are documents that schools can use as a mission statement to define their trajectory, drive their decisions, and allow their existing issues to come to a resolution accordingly. They can also be used as a vision statement to outline their values and objectives. Overall, this document can help an individual decide if they should accept an offer to study in a school or simply let it pass since it doesn’t meet their particular goal.


Statement Uses, Purpose, Importance

Statements have different uses. They can serve a legal purpose in a court of law or simply be used in a social context to make a point and get yourself noticed by people. Here are some other uses of a statement document and their importance.

Written Statment for Police

A statement can be used or given to the police or security officers whenever an incident has occurred. Should a written statement be required from you, the authorities will usually request a home interview or at a police station. When giving out a statement to the police, it is essential that you tell them as much information about the correct order of the history of events as you can.

Helps investors in decision making

Financial statements aid investors in their decision-making process. This is because it contains every live record the investors need to know to determine how much they want to invest in a business in a particular market. In short, this document can be the key if companies want to secure investors.

Management Decisions

Income statements help managers in making key decisions that concern the company. These decisions include expanding to new locations, adding a new work policy, using the need to disable a certain product line, and so on. Either way, these documents will help managers keep the business on the right track.

Detailed Insights

Income statements also provide detailed insights into the company’s inner workings for comparison purposes. These documents are usually prepared at the department level. Though this compares a company’s inner workings to check their various operations and is used to compare different businesses, these documents remain internal to the company.

Account Transactions

Billing statements are usually utilized for the disclosure of transactions. What usually happens is that the credit issuer will give a copy of an itemized summary of interest rates at the beginning of the transaction report. Account transactions in a billing statement generally include the transaction date, post date, and transaction amount.

What’s In a Statement? Parts?


The statement’s title describes its type of statement, whether it is a personal statement, a retirement statement, a financial statement, and so on.


The introduction appears at the top of the document and contains elements such as the statement’s date and subject.

Main Body

The main body of a statement contains the relevant facts and details according to what type of statement it is and should be direct in writing and easy to understand.


The conclusion is written at the end of the statement, usually summarizing the main points discussed in the document’s body.


How to Design a Statement?

1. Choose a Statement Size.

2. Decide on the purpose of the statement.

3. Pick a Statement Template.

4. Modify the structure of the template according to your purpose.

5. Modify the contents and add logos/tables if necessary.

6. Finalize and download.


Statement vs. Bill

In a financial context, a statement refers to a document that serves as an up-to-date report on what buyers still owe to their vendors and is meant to compel the buyer to make a payment on their account.

A bill, on the other hand, serves as a notice or a request that someone else wants a customer to pay for the products or services being rendered to them and lets the buyer know about the cost of each item included in the purchase order.

What’s the Difference Between a Statement, Voucher, and Invoice?

A statement generally details the date of each transaction made during the statement period and may include only the unpaid amount or the entire transaction.

A voucher is a document for recording liability. It contains details of the total quantities, the total amount of goods purchased, and the ledger to which it has been recorded.

An invoice is an official document that details goods or services purchased from a particular company and is commonly issued by the supplier to the customer once a sale has been made.

Statement Sizes

Statements are usually documents that are used in a formal setting. Since that is the case, here are the standard statement sizes that are in use:


Statement Ideas and Examples

Statement documents have different types and are relatively easy to make depending on the type. If you’re having trouble looking for inspiration, these different statement ideas and examples can be of great help.

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What should a statement include?

In the general context, a statement document should include the statement’s title, the introductory part of the statement, the main body where the relevant facts and details will be explained, and the concluding part, which provides a brief summary of the document’s main points.

What is in a thesis statement?

Since a thesis statement is the essay’s main idea, it consists of the topic of the essay and the writer’s claim about the topic that will be proven throughout the article.

What is statement due in credit card?

A statement due on a credit card is the date on which a statement has been generated.

How do you structure a statement?

To structure a statement, first, decide on its purpose, write down its title, state its introductory paragraph, follow up with the main body of the statement, and end it with a conclusion to summarize every key point.

What is statement of reportable account?

A statement of reportable account contains the details of specified financial transactions or any reportable account registered and maintained by the authorized entities.

What makes a personal statement stand out?

A personal statement that stands out contains a well-constructed structure, is original in writing, includes balanced academic and extracurricular content, and is positive in its overall tone.

What is a statement of financial transaction?

A statement of financial transaction is a document that contains a report of specified financial transactions by specified persons which can include financial institutions.

What type of sentence is a statement?

A statement is a declarative sentence since it tells the readers something/gives us information, usually ending with a full stop.

What is a statement or assertion?

An assertion is a statement that serves as a declaration that’s made emphatically, especially if it’s part of an argument.

What is a statement of facts in law?

A statement of facts refers to the legally significant facts that a court will use in analyzing and applying the rule to the instant case.