Camp Schedules Templates

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Preparing your camp tents, flashlights, sleeping bags, and insect repellants? You sure are going to a camp! In what season of the year does your most favorite camp take place, summer or winter? Whether of which, you sure are excited to stay outdoors for three days at most. What's your most memorable camp experience? You sure go to the camps because of the activities planned by their organizers that really makes your camp journey a fun one. Give these campers your best in organizing the camp by setting the entire camp's schedule. Help yourself out with our Camp Schedule templates. Use Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs to customize them. Have an incredible camp!

How to Set a Camp Schedule

Camps are considered a billion worth industry. According to the statistics released by the American Camp Association (ACA), more than 14 million people attend camps in the U.S. every year. You sure don’t want to ruin these people’s excitement in waiting for the camp day and waste their money spent to pay the registration. Do not make this mistake by organizing the camp’s schedule. Make this by following the steps and tips below.

1. Appoint the Time Coverage

Camps are usually held for more than one day. Participants stay overnight for days. Organizers set the arrival time that every participant should follow. But not only this time should be set. As an organizer, you should also plan how long will the camp activities last for the first, second, third day, and so on. You cannot spend the whole day and night just to stick to the list of activities for the day. Both participants and organizers should have the time to rest to fully charge the next day of the camp. So to prevent overfatigue from occurring, appoint an ideal time coverage that you will only consume for the day. 

2. Generate Camp Activities

Consider the season when you are planning to hold the camp. Make activities that suit the season. For example, you are organizing a summer camp. What summer activities will you include for the camp participants to enjoy? Are you going to go outdoors or will you just stay indoors? In generating the list of the camp activities, one thing that you should also consider is your participants. Will they be kids, teens, or adults? What do you want the children, youth, or grown-ups to learn on a summer break? Are you going to play sports at the camp? Make the set of the camp’s daily activities that suits them. 

3. Schedule the Camp Activities

Create the schedule of each activity your committee has prepared for the camp. Make it flexible as much as possible. You do not long how long will the actual activity last when carried out. That is why you need to always check and adjust the schedule every now and then during the camp. One purpose of the schedule is to have an organized flow of the activities as well. Do not be disheartened if you cannot finish all the activities for the day. Always a schedule plan B. Cross out the non-main highlight activities if in case adjustments should be made. The important thing is, you made the most of everyone’s time during the camp.

4. Disseminate the Schedule

The participants should not remain clueless about what they will be doing for the entire camp. It is important that they have a copy of the camp’s schedule. It is not to serve as the spoiler of the camp activities, you can hand out general information of the schedule as a briefer. This will you, organizers, for them to also follow the time alloted for their personal activities. It’s for everyone’s sake. Everyone will go out of the campsite happy if the schedule will be followed.