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How to Create a Camp Ad?

A camp ad is a tool which is a part of the advertising strategy of camp business owners to entice more clients, guests, tourists, or visitors to check out their campsites.

Many adventurous souls love to explore nature and spend time in the wild. In 2017, Business Wire reported that there 61% of American households are active campers. This is number is growing swiftly with the number of campers growing by 36% since 2014. That is why a camp business can get you a great yield on your investment.

If you’re starting this business, its information needs to reach your prospective audience. For that, you have to prepare promotional documents as well as PowerPoint presentations to various target audiences. Check out our tips below.

1. Offer Camp Programs

Programs, such as summer campaign programs, will get you closer to your target market. Set up one or two every now and then and give the camp goers the best camping experience they’ll be looking forward to all the time.

2. Create Online Directories

Parents, youth, and other camping enthusiasts use online directories to find the right campsites. Make sure to create yours so potential clients will be able to find you online with just a few clicks here and there.

3. Get Involved With Your Local Schools

Most schools offer camping programs to their students and even parents. If you establish a partnership with your local schools, this will be a good baseline for your camp business.

4. Invest in Printed Ads

Printed ads never go old. It’s still capable of promoting any business. Distribute brochures, leaflets, and flyers to existing clients or in any places with high-foot traffic.

5. Promote Your Camp in Social Media

Social media is now part of the marketing strategy of most businesses. Your camp can also make use of social media platforms to launch your programs, services, and products.

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