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What is a Car Brochure?

A car brochure is a paper, like a pamphlet, that contains different relevant information about a specific type or brand of car. It also serves as a promotional instrument for car sales. This creative brochure is usually folded in two (bifold) or three (trifold) parts and all pages include written or graphical information content. These help clients gain more knowledge about the cars sold, or maybe car rentals, and decide which car suits their taste and budget better.

How to Make Car Brochure?

Car brochures focus more on the content. It does not, usually, focus on the artistic side of brochures but the information. Car brochures mainly focus on the technical specifications of the car. However, designs also hold importance for the brochure since it is the eye-catcher. It is the factor that steals the audience's attention. Thus, here are the steps to make a simple brochure.

1. List the Specs

Cars have a lot of specifications. Thus, it is important to list them all first before putting them to the printable brochure. Make a graphic organizer that neatly organizes the car visuals with its specifications. The specifications consist of the essentials about the car that the clients need to know. These specifications hold a vital role in the client's decision. Most buyers consider these specifications more than the visual ad style of the car.

2. Decide Your Layout

There are different kinds of brochures. It can be a trifold, half-fold, bifold, Z-fold, gate-fold, french fold, accordion fold, or double parallel fold. Decide which one is more appropriate for your business advetisement. You have to consider the space of the paper.

3. Design Your Car Brochure

Use your creativity in designing your car brochure. Car brochures may focus on the words and content, you should also consider its artistic side. Make sure to include actual car pictures for models. This enables the clients to choose cars from their visual tastes. Also, use designs that reflect the brand. Use color schemes that the brand uses.

4. Insert the Specs

After designing the advertising brochure and inserting the pictures, insert the information of the car. Insert the brand name, the brand slogan, the vision, and the contact information. Make sure to put the contact information for future transactions. Under or beside the pictures put the specifications. Make sure the specs are aligned to its corresponding model. Make sure to use font styles and sizes that are readable and appropriate for the brand.

5. Finalize and Print

After making the marketing brochure, recheck for mistakes. Make sure there are no extra digits for the price amount and no incorrect information in the specs. Afterward, download the car brochure and print it. Then, display it to the public areas for exposure.

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