Are you planning to have an amazing car show in your neighborhood? Maybe you want to advertise the grand opening of a new car dealership branch? Not a car dealership but a car wash? Maybe even a rental? Well, maybe what you need an all-around, multi-purpose car flyer? One that you can create using our high-quality, beautifully designed, and easy to edit Car Flyer Templates that are not only 100% customizable, but are also printable, can be used on many editing formats such as Photoshop, Apple Pages, and MS Word, and are available in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + bleed. If you are looking for a specific layout though, then don't worry cause we still have you covered;  templates come in various styles and layouts such as car wash flyers, car show flyers, car rentals, car insurance flyers, and car show flyers — all conveniently available to you if you subscribe today. 

What is a Car Flyer?

A car flyer is an advertisement layout for any car products like car dealerships and car shows to car-related services like car washes, car insurance, etc. As a marketing tool, they are the most cost-efficient but do not take this as a basis for thinking that it's easy to make it isn't as easy as it sounds.

How to Create a Car Flyer?

Creating a car flyer is like creating any other advertising flyer; it needs a bit of skill in an editing format and the patience to make one with quality. However, there are a few specifics to the car flyer that we can give you tips for so that you can make high-quality car flyers too.

1. Have a Clear Objective with Your Flyers

Since "car flyer" is too broad a term, what you first want to achieve is making sure that your product or service is recognized by the customer. This can be by first, knowing what you're trying to offer (car rental, car insurance, car wash, car dealership, auto repair shop), then you use big and bold text in an easy to read font style to put it somewhere on the professional flyer where the customer can easily read it. Not too much space though as you want to save some for your model (more on that later).

2. Design Relevantly and Creatively

Now that you are sure of what you want on your flyer, try to design it in a creative and fun way while still maintaining that all-business physique. The idea here is to catch the appeal of your customers with amazing color schemes, great pictures, and easy to read text that doesn't bore them until they throw away your simple flyer — in short, don't overdo anything on the design though

3. Have a Car Model

You can approach this in two ways depending on what you want to portray:

  • You can use real car models such as Mustangs, Cameros, and Dodge Vipers, for car show flyers, car rentals, car insurance, etc. You can either use the whole car in a picture right at the center of your flyer, or you can just take a specific part you want to emphasize such as the shiny paint job, the massive wheels, or the engine's roar.
  • You can also use animated cars or cars that seem to have human features as mascots for car washes. This has an advantage in that you can design your own character for this to avoid copyrights as a precaution.

4. Add Contact Details

Like any good flyer, you want to make sure that you have the right contact details for inquiries, orders, and rentals. The reason for your sample flyer is to advertise your business and that isn't really possible if your customers can't contact you. You can try and have them at either the bottom part or at the back of the flyer so long as the customer easily finds them.

5. Polish Up Before Printing

Once you're done, you can polish up your work and proofread it. It especially helps a lot in making flyers when you proofread since you can't undo an already printed flyer. Take time to run it down to make sure nothing is out of place.

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