Did you know that more than 50% of companies globally have a hard time in employee retention? One reason noted is the employee's feeling of under-appreciated. Resignations from employees can lead to poor productivity. Likely, affecting the business. Appreciation does not need a big budget. In order to keep your employees from resigning, just giving them rewards and recognition is a good way. In that, we offer you these easily editable employee certificate templates that you can freely edit as you wish. These templates are beautifully designed and are printable in Illustrator format. Don't let this out of your hand, avail, and download the template you desired now.  

What is an Employee Certificate?

Manpower is important in any business. It is one of the factors to maintain productivity and employment. Showing appreciation to your employees can be through a reward and recognition. A reward is in a tangible category while recognition falls to the intangible category. Other than monetary, printed certificates can be a good reward to receive for employee recognition. On the other hand, recognition can be felt and seen in cases such as boss praising you or thanking you for a job well done. Grateful words are a form of recognition.

A certificate is not limited to recognizing excellence in work performance. This can be an incentive in various causes such as a perfect attendance certificate, appreciation certificate, an achievement award certificate, and an employee choice certificate. Some companies are conducting assemblies every week, month or even in a year to acknowledge employee's hard work, choosing outstanding employees or employees.

How to Make an Employee Certificate?

Why do you need to put effort into creating simple certificates? Simply because your employees deserve your effort.
Before you make your employee certificate, try to think backward. As an employer, you noticed progress in your business, aside from the numerical and other aspects, what helped you out? Or shall we say, who helped you out? Simply, your employees. A simple piece of paper can give a big impact on anyone who receives it, do not take the simple yet rewarding chance from your employees if you want them to stay and grow in your company.

There are various ways of making employee certificates, but some aren't mindful enough in personalizing it. To help you out, refer to the tips provided below.

1. Have a List

List down the names of the employees that you want to be recognized. Weigh their contributions to the company. To give basis and to avoid miscommunication with other employees, base it on your set quotas. If you want to give a loyalty certificate to one of your employees for staying long in your company, you can do so.

2. Use a Special Paper

This is a special certificate that is why you have to use a special paper for it. This will not cost too much for you. When you use this kind of paper, it will add on to the rate of importance. Your employees may feel that they are valued because you made effort printing certificates in special papers. How rewarding would that be, right?

3. Play with Typography

There is no wrong with simplicity but when you have the chance to be extra, then give it a try. You have the freedom to choose what style to use as long as you make sure that it gives balance to other designs. Don't make it a mess, try to creat it as rewarding as you may.

4. Consider Information Hierarchy

Choosing the right words to highlight in your certificate helps you personalize your certificates. You have to know what information to increase in size and what not to. The title and the name of the employee must outbound other details. Instill value in your certificates through proper highlighting.

5. Recheck your Certificate

Ensure that you inputted the right name with the correct recognition. It would give a negative impact on the receiver to give certificates with incorrect details in it.

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