Employee Resignation Letter Templates

Draft Your Employee Resignation Letter for Work Easily Using Free Templates from Template.net! We Have Available Template Layouts for Personal Reason Acceptance, Two Weeks Notice Format, and Other Simple Professional Templates. Check Out and Browse Through the Website for More Printable Sample Templates. These Templates Are a Good Investment. Make Your Job Simpler! Download Now!See more

There's no shame in leaving your current job for personal reasons, especially if it's for your career growth. So if you think now's the right time to resign, don't hesitate. Inform your supervisor or HR manager that you're leaving through a formal resignation letter. Write a convincing one with the aid of our ready made employee resignation letter templates. You can finish in less than five minutes. Make sure you provide the reason for quitting your job in the company and a specific notice period. To get started, simply  download the template of your choice and edit them in Apple Pages, Google Docs, MS Word, and Outlook or any compatible editing program of your liking. 

Our sample resignation letters have well-written suggestive message that will help say what you need to say to your superior or manager. But if you need to make it more personal, you can use a few quick and simple tips:

  1. Be transparent and don't be afraid to state the reason why you wish to resign.
  2. If your resignation letter is one or two weeks notice, make sure to specify an exact date of your last working day. That allows your superiors to hire a replacement before you resign.   
  3. Your resignation letter can partially double as a thank you letter. Express your gratitude to your superiors for giving you the opportunity to be their company employee.
  4. Keep your letter simple and short to make it easy for your superiors to read it without taking too much of their time.

Well, you should have no problem adding those tips to our resignation letter templates. We guarantee downloading it will be worth your while.


  • What is the most acceptable reason to resign from a job?

      Having found a new job is an acceptable reason for most employers.

  • Can I resign via email?

      Yes, you can resign through email if your company allows it.

  • What are the common reasons employees resign?

      • Career shift
      • Back to school
      • Family issues
      • Misunderstandings in the company