Your business requires report documents to help you maintain the quality of its overall operation. One of the most important reports are those wherein your employees are involved, which are called employee reports. To help you produce hundreds of blank copies of employee reports, we offer you one of the sub-categories of our Report Templates, which is none other than our ready-made Employee Report Templates. These templates already have a well-formatted layout. Hence, there's no need for you to do it manually. However, you can modify them if you find the need to do so. All of them are easily-editable and 100% customizable using Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and Adobe PDF. So don't waste your time. Download any of our high-quality Employee Report Templates now! 

What Is An Employee Report?

An employee report is a type of business report that contains recorded information regarding an employee's status or current situation in the company. That includes their probation performance, daily or weekly work performance, attendance, salary rate, project engagement, handover tasks, recent incidents they're involved in, and many more. Ultimately, an employee report helps a manager to monitor the activities of his/her employees within the company.

How To Create An Employee Report?

There are several methods that you can approach as a manager on how to monitor your employees. But, we believe that one of the best methods is through the use of employee reports. Hence, we encourage you to use them. To help you with that, we will teach you what we know about creating employee reports.

1. Attach Your Company's Official Logo

Every document in your company, whether external or internal, must have its official logo on it. The logo certifies that your employee report is an official document of your company. You must place it at the very beginning of your employee report. It could be at the center or at the left-most side.

2. Emphasize Employee's Information

Whoever reads or views the employee report you're making, they won't be able to identify which employee is involved in it if you won't emphasize his/her information. You must emphasize his/her complete name, designated department, and job title. Doing this is actually easy and straightforward. You just have to view their company ID or official resume.

3. Elaborate The Essentials Of The Report

Employee reports are used for a variety of purposes. The most common being annual employee performance monitoring, status, and incident reports. You alone are the sole entity who knows how you're going to use your employee report. However, what you must always remember when creating an employee report is to elaborate on every essential aspect and variable of importance. You can collaborate with the employee involved in your employee report.

4. Implement Action Plans For Discovered Employee Problems

If you've discovered any problems that concern your employee when elaborating all the essentials needed for the report, you must cite action plans for them. The reason why you should do this is to help your employee with whatever problems he/she is suffering in the workplace, which is at the expense of his/her productivity and performance. Not only will this help your employee, but also your credibility as his/her manager/supervisor.

5. Affix Necessary Signatures

Just like a legal document or agreement contract, an employee report must also have necessary signatures to solidify its credibility and the involvement of the employee at concern. Your signature as the manager or supervisor and the signature of your employee over each of your complete names must be found at the end of the employee report.

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