Since your employees have tremendous importance, it would be best to appreciate the best performers with an appreciation certificate to keep their morale. Creating such a certificate from scratch can be time-consuming and difficult. So to avoid that scenario, consider utilizing our printable Employee Appreciation Certificate Templates. Each of these ready-made files showcases an elegant and professional design. That said, you no longer have to bother yourself in making the certificate presentable on your own. Also, since these templates are customizable, you can personalize them in MS Word, MS Publisher, Apple Pages, Adobe PSD, and Adobe Illustrator. Show your employees that you appreciate their work by awarding them with a certificate made from these appreciation certificate templates!  

What is an Employee Appreciation Certificate?

An employee appreciation certificate is a formal paper document that recognizes and certifies the achievement or exemplary performance of an employee. It can also be considered as a recognition certificate, award certificate, or achievement certificate.

How to Create an Employee Appreciation Certificate?

According to, employees with high morale perform more efficiently and productively in the workplace. The end result of that situation could lead to huge monthly revenue and profit. As an employer, it's your responsibility to keep the high morale and engagement of your employees working in the company. An excellent way to do that is to award those who are performing well with an employee appreciation certificate. In this guide, we will show you some tips in creating a modern certificate for employee appreciation.

1. Emphasize Your Company Name and Logo

The presence of your company name and official logo on the certificate signifies that it's a credible document from your establishment. For that reason, make sure to emphasize them on the certificate. The best place to attach them should be at the upper part of the certificate, either on the center, left-most, or right-most.

2. Indicate the Certificate's Title

The title of the certificate will serve as an introduction to what the award is all about. In this case, you should indicate the "Certificate of Appreciation" of the certificate. The text of the certificate's title must sport an eye-pleasing font style. However, you can also title the certificate as "Certificate of Achievement" or "Certificate of Recognition."

3. Enhance the Recipient's Name

You should enhance the recipient employee's name on the certificate. He/She is the one honored of the award, and it's fitting that his/her name should look splendid on the document. To achieve this process, simply set a good-looking font style and font color. You can refer to the names found on diploma certificates for this matter.

4. Describe the Recipient's Achievement

Right below the recipient's name is where you should write a brief description of his/her work on the printable certificate. It's up to you on how you're going to state it, for as long as it honors the exemplary performance of the employee. Additionally, below the short description is where you must embed the complete name and signatures of the company executives.

5. Apply Some Artistry

Keep in mind that an employee appreciation certificate is a document honoring the excellence of an employee. That said, it's a special document that requires some artistry. As the maker of the certificate, you're free to design it however you wish. Just make sure it looks professional enough for a corporate setting. After designing the certificate, make sure to print using a quality paper and encase it inside an elegant envelope.

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