Internship Reports Templates

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As an intern, it will eventually be your responsibility to come up with an internship report. This document summarizes your internship experience required by companies after interns complete their time within an organization. Whether you are a student or someone new to a specific industry, making an internship report is a commendable way of self-reflection. They also help the management and your educators know what you have learned and whether their training has been effective.

Our selection of internship report templates can help you make specific reports depending on your case. Some can help you make a report catered to those who interned at a school or a company. These templates can help you make your report conveniently. Not only that, but our templates also have ready-made sample content and statements that can help you with the write-up immediately. Instead of starting from scratch, you can focus on the training objectives you have experienced during the internship. The templates are also professionally designed to be 100% customizable. You can edit its content into any format you prefer. You can add other visual elements such as colors, font, and graphic images to help make your report a lot more informative. 

If you are looking for other templates besides our internship reports, browse through our other products, such as training reports and summary reports, for starters. Download our templates now and get your internship report done without any hassle!