Every year, a massive number of students apply for internships in several companies throughout the country. It's the last stage of completing college education, and it's also an excellent booster for their curriculum vitae. Getting an internship starts by sending a letter. Our Internship Letter Templates can ease your worry of writing a letter from a blank document. It contains original content that's 100% customizable. You can never go wrong with our templates since it's also print-ready. Stand out among the rest and earn your internship slot by downloading our templates now!

What Is an Internship Letter?

An internship letter is a letter that college students write to companies that offer on-the-job training for them. It's part of the requirement for students in their college education. Just like most letters, it must have a professional tone and concise writing.

How to Write an Internship Letter?

The Daily Universe stated on their website in 2017 that 65 percent of interns from paid internships and 39 percent from unpaid internships get jobs from companies after graduation. That's a lot, considering the competition between students. But the first step to being an intern is through writing an internship letter. If you don't have an idea on how to start, read some of our tips below.

1. Indicate the Position

The first few sentences of your letter should catch the attention of the managers. State the vacant position and your intention of applying for it. You also have to write about how you came across the internship program.

2. Show Intention and Background

As a university student, you have enough background in the position for sure. You need to show your intention in applying for the job. State any relevant achievements in line with the position and explain why you're the best option for the company.

3. Be Passionate

Write how passionate you are to get the position and how their company appeals to you. This helps the company convince you to put you on board. Don't sound too needy or desperate in your request. Keep your tone formal and polite.

4. End on a Positive Note

Always end your letter with a lighthearted and positive note. Leave your contact information and tell the receiver to contact you for updates. Your letter could spell acceptance or rejection, so you better give your best shot.

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