Every year, college students have to complete an internship program for them to graduate. Since they have no prior experience in the workplace setting, they turn to teachers for a written recommendation. These letters help them land a job as an intern. Recommend a student to companies now with our Internship Reference Letter Templates! Each template in our collection has original suggestive content and headings that you can customize freely. It's printable in A4 and US Letter Sizes, so there's nothing you should worry about. Ensure a smooth application by downloading our templates now!

What Is an Internship Reference Letter?

An internship reference letter is a letter that teachers or employers write to recommend the applicant to a company that offers an internship program. This also serves as a character reference for the applicant.

How to Write an Internship Reference Letter

The website The Balance Careers said that students must complete internships as a final requirement in getting a bachelor's degree. If you're a teacher, you'd get requests to write letters for these students to get accepted into companies. Writing an internship reference letter may not be easy, but we have a few tips for you to follow.

1. Explain the Connection

After introducing yourself as a former teacher or employer of the applicant, explain your connection with him. Begin with how you met and how long you have known the applicant.

2. Boost the Reputation

This part should support the first paragraph. Here, you will put a good word for your former employee or student. Write about his work ethics, studying habits, achievements, and mindset towards work. You must also explain why the applicant can survive in the company's way of doing business. Make the explanation more personal by giving a little praise to the applicant.

3. Sum Up the Recommendation

Give your request a little push by recommending the applicant to the company. Recommend the applicant without any reservations. Make your statement firm and enthusiastic, otherwise, the applicant won't get the slot for an internship.

4. End Nicely

Leave your contact information so the company can contact you if they have questions. Wrap up your sample letter by saying that you have high hopes for the applicant to be accepted in the company.

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