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An internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills. It offers the employer the opportunity to bring new ideas and energy into the workplace, develop talent and potentially build a pipeline for future full-time employees. Interns need to apply for internships via applications and get themselves approved. Moreover, you need to submit your daily progress report to ensure your employer you were a good selection. Here at template.net, we have prepared templates for all your document needs. Download them in Word, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop or Docs to get your work done smoothly and fast. COncentrate and complete your work in time with greater ease from now!

What are Some Documents you Need as an Intern?

Organizations may require a formal application, resume, cover letter, transcripts, two or three letters of recommendation, as well as an essay on why you're interested in interning for the company or some other related question. Not all internships have the same requirements. Some documents that you might need often include:

  • Internship Certificates: An internship certificate is granted to a student who has fulfilled his internship experience with any given company. If you're one of the companies offering internship programs, then our Internship Certificate Templates will surely be a great help to you! As you can see, our templates below contain pre-made content that will let you save more time in designing the perfect internship certificate scratch. All of them are printable, editable, and accessible in file formats. So, what are you waiting for? Get more work done by downloading our templates today!
  • Internship Resumes: It is hard to construct a well thought of and detailed resume in applying for a job, especially if you are still building your foundation towards getting a job in any industry. Let us help you make the perfect resume with the use of our Ready-Made Internship Resume Templates. Our templates are professionally made to help you succeed in any job venture you would make in the future. These templates are readily available and contain original suggestive headings and contents for your convenience.
  • Summary Reports: Do you have a hard time figuring out what to write in a summary? Do you hate reading great walls of text? Is it difficult to find a layout that best suits your topic or research? Do you need a compressed and purposeful summary report but you don't know how to make one? Well, with the help of our high-quality, time-saving, printable, professionally written, and 100% customizable summary templates, now you know you can! Create your own concise and understandable summary reports ranging from basic summary reports to executive summary reports, project summary reportsmeeting summary reports, and even business Summary Report Templates—all thanks to the variety of templates available to you on our website. Why exchange comfort and convenience to make a summary report when our templates can help you make amazing outputs that will impress your boss? Subscribe today and you will never miss out on all our great products that give you the ease and convenience you deserve.

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