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How to an Make an Investor Pitch Deck Presentation

Investors are important people and entities, most especially for a startup. They fund your business so it can start to operate. However, before they fund your business, you have to woo them first. You need to persuade them to invest in your business. And one of the ways to do that is through an investor pitch deck presentation.

1. Introduce Your Business

Since the investors know nothing about your business, be sure to introduce yourself. Give the investors a short profile of your company, so they know who they're investing to. In your profile, you can share your short company's history and what it does.

2. Present the Problem and Solution

First, share the problem that you want to solve in your business presentation. Then, share how your offered project, services, or products will help solve your presented problems.

3. Discuss Your Target Market and Opportunity

It would be best if you told the investors who your target market is. Be sure to keep your target market profile realistic. Identify the market size in your pitch deck presentation to give your investors a clear view.

4. Present Your Marketing and Sales Strategy

Next, include the strategies you will use to reach your target market. The investors will have to know if your strategies will work or not. Share how you can persuade the customers to buy your products or try your services.

5. Tell About Your Competitors

On this part, you have to share who your competitors are. Share about their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from your SWOT analysis. Additionally, don't forget to include how unique your company is from them and why your target market will choose you and not the others.

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