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What Is an Investor Proposal?

An investor proposal is a document created by sponsors of brand-new investment projects or by an existing firm’s management. Its purpose is to be presented to prospective investors or lenders and inform them of the numerous details regarding the business or project. One can expect it to include the business/project’s history, growth potential, objectives, the finances required to realize said objectives, the promised collateral, and the plan for interest and principal repayment. This can be as crucial as your own business plan, so its significance can't be understated.

How to Make an Investor Proposal

investor proposal template

In creating an investor proposal, know that it is important to be as informative and accurate as possible with the details that you choose to include. By doing so, you ensure that your prospective investors or lenders are made aware of what the business or project entails, along with what benefits they can reap out of their association with you. Be it related to a start-up plan proposal, a financial proposal, or even a real estate proposal, below are steps made simple to help you with your endeavor:

1. Write Down Your Investment Project/Business Description

Start things off with a relatively short description of what your proposed business or project plan is all about. For those with businesses or projects that are already in existence, then this is where you need to state all the things to be done in order to re-energize it.

2. Come Up with Performance and Financial Reports

Next up, you need to cite the performance and financial statement of your project. In this particular session, established businesses may include snapshots for the necessary records or accomplishments while nonexistent projects can forego this in favor of the author’s own information, such as how the concept came to be, where the project will go once the funding is attained, among others.

3. Come Up with Sales and Marketing Methods

The third step would be to include your market research and the plan of actions you have in mind to provide investors with a better assessment of your business or project’s potential. Examples of what to put here would be your marketing strategies, what you intend to do about competitors, product sources, employee acquisition, and more.

4. Come Up with Information Regarding Technical Operations Management and Finances

Next comes the inclusion of all the technical and operational aspects of the business or project. When it comes to financing, make sure that you cite all potential sources of funds, the projected return on investment, and any of your projected gains and losses.

5. Include a Heavily Detailed Project Timetable

This should be included next for the purpose of informing your prospective investors of the agreement’s length. In doing so, they can better keep track of their own business goals along with your own, to everyone’s benefit.

6. Come Up with Your Business or Project’s Exit Plan

Lastly, be sure that you do not neglect to include the exit plan and strategy. This is where your proposal outline includes the necessary information regarding how prospective investors may divest of all their investments, as well as how the business or project expects to deal with the potential of failure.

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