Is there a situation wherein you are forced to end a contract with another party? Then what you'll need to do is to notify him/her regarding its termination. If you're having trouble doing so, then we have just the thing you need. Our termination letter templates are guaranteed to help you do it in the most formal and professional way possible. All of them are compatible with every version of Microsoft Word and you can choose from the many different kinds that we offer. If you want even more high-quality templates, then know that we have subscription plans that can grant you access to them all. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

What Is a Termination Letter?

A termination letter is often made and sent by employers to employees that act as a notice for their eventual job termination. The reasons as to why one would need to hand such a document could be anything from job abandonment to company theft. Take note that termination letters can also be used to notify another party regarding the cancellation of a contract. For example, a landlord can use it to warn a tenant about his/her lease termination.

How to Create Termination Letters in Word

1. Start From Scratch or Use a Template

Begin by launching Microsoft Word and going to the File tab and selecting "New". From there, you can choose to either start from scratch and click on Blank Document, or you can choose to use whatever letter templates that are available. Should you decide to go with the latter, then know that you can choose to use the ones that come pre-installed with the software or use the ones that you've personally made or downloaded.

2. Provide Basic Details for Both Sender and Recipient

When typing, start with information on the sender (you). What basic information you will include will depend entirely on the type of termination you're going to create. For example, one that's made for the purpose of job termination will require you to not only put in yours and the employee's name, but also job position titles, addresses, and the name of the company. You can check out sample letters of termination letters if you want to have an idea of what it is that you need to place.

3. Greet the Recipient and State the Letter's Purpose

Treat this as a professional letter wherein you need to address the recipient appropriately with either "Mr." or "Ms." followed by his/her last name. Be sure that you keep the tone of letter formal from the beginning until the end. Next is for you to provide a statement that points out why you're sending the letter in the first place. Be sure to keep it brief and straight forward.

4. Provide Details Regarding the Termination

Again, this is another case wherein what you'll place will depend on the type of termination letter that you'll be making. So let's say that you need to send someone a warning letter that notifies someone about the possibility of his/her job termination. Details that you will need to include would be the reason for the warning, the consequences that could be faced, what can be done to avoid future warnings and so on. Basically, all you need to do is to point out whatever it is that the recipient needs to know regarding the termination.

5. Close the Letter

It's best that you include a statement that points out how the recipient may contact you if he/she has any concerns regarding the letter. Make sure to put in phone numbers or emails that you are currently still using. Lastly, thank the recipient for his/her time and then close the letter by placing your complete name and signature at the bottom.

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