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How to Create List Templates in Apple Pages?

A list is written record of any set of items in an organized manner. The commonly used type of list is the to-do list. Studies have found that citizens in the United States are most to-do list dependent. 76% responded that they are keeping one to-do list presently at the very least while others are able to keep three or more at the same time. Aside form to-do lists, there are different kinds of lists where each vary from their content. There is the price list where it is composed of various sub-types such as the food price list, bar price list, product price list, and barbershop price list. There are also the material list, contact list, grocery list, equipment list, and task list.

If you want to create a list to use for school, at work, or even at home, here are some details on how to create one:

1. Purpose and Type

A list is not a complicated document to create because it is only made up of lines and tables. There are only 2 things that you should give a careful thought before jump starting your craft are the questions: "what is it for?" and "what kind?" It is because there is a wide array of list. So, in order for you to follow a clear direction and make your work done in no time, you should know what you are creating by specifying the details.

2. Plan the Content

You already determined what list you are creating and its purpose. The next best thing that you should do is to plan the details that it should contain. For instance, if you decided to create a daily schedule templates. You should accumulate the names of your employees, working times, responsibilities, etc. in order to know what to put in your list.

3. Download and Personalize

Select and download a template from our website. Make sure that the template that you chose is relevant to your purpose. Do not download a price list template if you intend to create a class attendance list because you will consume a good amount of time modifying the format. That said, start the customization. You can be creative in editing the template, but make sure that the result is satisfactory. You may use a plain yet stunning color combination. For the fonts and lines, you may keep it simple.

4. Add Text

Write the essential information that will complete your list. For price lists, you may put the name of the products and their corresponding prices. For attendance list or schedules, you can write the names and leave the other columns blank. However, if you wish to print a blank list and manually write the details, you may do so.

5. Print Afterward

Secure a copy of your document first before printing it. At the task bar of Apple Pages, drag your cursor to the File option and click Save as. After securing a copy, you may print your finished craft using a material that will give justice or restore its quality.

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