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How To Make Order Forms In Apple Pages?

Whether you have a small business or a big business, regardless if it's product-oriented or service-oriented, order forms or order sheets are one of the documents you must have in abundance at all times. These formal documents help you in tracking every purchase of your customers; thus helping you to book every product or service delivery effectively and concisely. For that reason, you must know how to create them effectively. Lucky for you, we know a few tips on how to do it, and we're going to share them with you.

1. Launch Apple Pages

Apple Pages should be among your top choices for the creation of forms and documents, such as the likes of receipts, and of course, order forms. Why? It's because Apple designed Apple Pages in the first place as a word processor. Hence, you can expect that it has every tool and feature you need to format and layout your order form professionally. Plus, if you're an owner of a Mac PC, Apple Pages is available for you instantly and free-of-charge.

2. Provide Blank Spaces For Customer Info

One of the functions of order forms is to help you keep track of which customer/client purchased a particular order. So if they don't have a customer's info, then they significantly failed to serve their purpose. That's why you must provide blank spaces for customer info on your order forms. That includes their complete name, contact number, home address, and email address. Here's a tip when a customer is on the verge of purchasing your product or service: make sure that the personal info they will fill-up on your order form corresponds with whatever valid ID they possess. In this way, mistakes in your order deliveries will be avoided.

3. Establish A Table

The insertion of a table should be quick and easy if you use Apple Pages. The function of a table is to organize the list of items of a customer's order, just like a receipt and invoice. The table must include columns for quantity, item description, item price, and total price of the order. For a service order such as a catering service and repair service, the table does not need to have that much columns. It only needs to have enough space to describe the specifications of the customer's service order.

4. Embed Your Business's Logo

Remember that your order forms are documents coming from your business. That's why you must embed your business logo on top of each of them. Your business logo will certify that your order forms are official records or documents of your business; thus, solidifying the credibility of the purchase order transaction between your business and a customer.

5. Print Bulk Copies

After completing every necessary component of your order form, you can then print bulk copies of it. It's up to you if you want to print hundreds or thousands, as long as their sufficient enough for a few weeks or months of purchase transactions. You can store them inside a stationery envelope or any kind of envelope for safekeeping. You can use our downloadable Envelope Templates to save yourself the strain of going out and purchasing one from a store.

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