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How to Create Statements in Apple Pages

Whether you’re outlining the weekly income of your clothing boutique or creating a legal settlement for a court trial, with Apple Pages and our varied lineup of templates expertly designed for paperwork, composing any type of statement is easy and hassle-free! Read through our guide to find out how.

1. Browse Through Our Set of Templates

A statement can refer to a large number of diverse documents—invoices, pay stubs, bills, business proposals, bank letters, and many more. With the library of statement templates that we have available for you, you’re sure to find something you can utilize for whatever you need to put together. We make sure to organize our collection in a neat and simple format to give you a headache-free time as you search, presenting you with thumbnails that contain a preview shot of the template and its name following just below.

2. Deciding on the Right Statment Design

You can find out more about a template by clicking on the respective thumbnail to open its page in a new tab on your web browser. Within the newly opened tab, you can spot a small group of more preview images to the left portion of the page; just click on it and you’ll enter an enlarged view of each picture. If you go over to the opposite side, you’ll find a section marked as ‘Template Details’, which can give you bits of information regarding the template file (available sizes, format style, etc.); click on ‘More Details’ to show the rest of the list.

3. Get Your Hands on a Copy of Apple Pages

Go ahead and skip this part if you already have access to use Pages. Otherwise, simply pay a visit to the App Store and download Pages from there. The app is free of charge, so there’s no need to spend your budget on a subscription or license.

Pages is also available to download and install to your favorite iOS devices. With just your iPad or iPhone, you’ll be able to edit your template wherever and whenever you need to!

4. Start Writing Your Statement Document

After you’ve downloaded your template file and have Apple Pages installed (on your computer or mobile device), you should now get to work on making your sample statement. And, remember that Pages has full compatibility with Apple Pencil, so you’ll be able to take advantage of a more intuitive method of interacting with the software.

Remove the placeholder text and replace it with the necessary information, making sure to use proper font as you do so. Fill in the provided blanks with whatever that’s required. If you’re editing a template with a graph layout, feel free to duplicate more empty spaces for filling in if need be.

5. Don’t Forget to Save

Just save the changes you’ve made and your paperwork is good to go. Cut down on time and effort with the help of Apple Pages and our Ready-made Statement Templates!

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