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With's Free Bookmark Apple Pages Templates, You Won't Have to Create Bookmarks From Scratch! Find Bookmarks and Personally Mark Them as Your Favorites as Needed. Use Safari iphone, iPad, or MAC for Editing. Save Our Link and Get a Preview of Each Template or Save It as Needed!See more

We use bookmarks either to mark a page we read that we left unfinished or to remind us of a moment we experienced that we left behind. Either way, crafting a bookmark is oftentimes difficult, especially when we’re not used to making one. If you’re having trouble creating a bookmark, we have a wide selection of easy-to-use bookmark templates that you can download for free. These files are completely compatible for downloading in all versions of Apple Pages if you are a Mac user. Aside from that, each file is 100% customizable and easily editable. It quickly saves your time if you want to edit your own personalized bookmark like the Motivational Bookmark Template or the Promotional Bookmark template. These are also printable and made available in 2.5x7.5 inch sizes with a high-quality design, perfect for personal as well as commercial printing. Stop teasing yourself too much. Download these templates in your Macbook now for free!

How to Create a Bookmark in Apple Pages

In definition, a bookmark is a type of material, usually printed cards or papers, utilized to keep the reader’s place in a specific book. With the use of a bookmark, the reader will be able to return to the last page he/she has read as easy as pie. Either cool bookmark or cute bookmark, you can all used them to mark and note your favorite pages. 

However, Nick Hornby, in “A Long Way Down”, emphasized that it would be difficult to “rebuild yourself, piece by piece, with no instruction book, and no clues as to where all the important bits are supposed to go”. The same idea with creating a bookmark from scratch without any guide or something. With that, we’ll give you a few easy steps as you craft your bookmark in Apple Pages using our bookmark templates. These steps may be applied whether creating personalized bookmarks or printed marketing templates.

1. Use Our Bookmark Templates

You don’t have to stress yourself too much. Our ready-made bookmark templates are made easy and available for you for free. At Template.Net, you can download bookmark templates as many as you like, or choose the best graphic design templates according to your preference. That is all up to you.

2. Make Sure You’re a Mac User

Remember that these templates can only be accessed and edited in Apple Pages. If you are a Mac user, then surely there’s no problem with that. 

3. Put Something Inspirational or Relevant

As you edit or customize your bookmark, a quote or a verse will give it a different flavor. If you have your own life quotes or bible verses, you can certainly add them to your bookmark just like how you would design a greeting card.

If you are making one for someone else, you can add his/her name on it. Other than that, you can also put a photograph to make it cuter. In whatever way you think your bookmark would look good, do it as you wish. Be creative.

4. DIY 

DIY simply means “Do It Yourself”. Since it’s a ‘do it yourself’ work of art, you can basically take your time. Besides, every good thing takes time, right? So make it all good for your convenience.

5. Save the Best and Create Another One

The possibilities are endless in crafting a personalized bookmark. For as long as you download the printable templates on our website, you can always go back and create another one. Don’t limit yourself to just one bookmark. You deserve all the best bookmarks you can have for free. 

6. Save and Print More Bookmarks

Since you can customize and produce bookmarks as many as you desire, you have all the freedom to utilize the available resources. But don’t forget to save them to your computer to avoid reiteration of works. Save them for future purposes.