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  • Flaunt the brand and identity of your business through office supplies and other writing materials. Surely, you can take branding to a whole new level of efficiency with the use of our 100% customizable, beautifully designed, easily editable, and printable stationery templates in Apple Pages! These high-quality templates are compatible with any version of the Apple Pages application. Whether you want to make personalized stationery, elegant business cards, or such, there is nothing to worry about because you can craft easily and hassle-free. Do not let this incredible chance to slip through your hands, quickly get our templates on your Apple device now to start working on well-crafted stationery!

    How to Create Stationery in Apple Pages

    In the field of business, stationery is not just a plain sheet of paper found in the office, they function as branding and marketing agents. Moreover, they appear in different forms such as business cards, letterheads, fax covers, envelopes, and even receipts. Hence, we present you with some tips and guidelines to help you create exquisite stationery in Apple Pages.

    1. Make Decisions

    Start your task by deciding what type of professional stationery and what kind of design you want to create because there is a wide variety of such craft. Good decisions come from excellent decision-making skills. Thus, you must generate your decision-making skills and take some time to decide what is best and beneficial for you. Furthermore, include in your decision-making the budget allocation for the resources that are essential for the production of your craft.

    2. Aim for Consistency

    Being consistent is not a difficult thing to do, but people take it for granted most of the time. The thing with consistency is that it can greatly help in arriving at an excellent outcome. That said, in creating your stationery, you must attain coherence so that your design—the whole business document—will fall into place and the rest of the elements as well.

    3. Begin Designing

    As much as starting from scratch seem like a better idea to give you all the freedom over the design, it's time-consuming and there may be instances wherein you need to get the job done as quickly as possible. To help you save a lot of time and effort, download a template instead. By using one, you'll be getting a stationery design that's already halfway done and all that's needed are a few tweaks on the layout and the addition of the content. Always keep in mind that your stationery design, whether it's in the form of an ID card, envelope, or a professional letterhead, should be attractive and presentable.

    4. Incorporate Details

    Stationery that lacks important details is typically considered a failure since it is unable to provide readers with what they need to know. Hence, incorporate the essential components such as the company name, address, and contact information. To add more spice to your stationery, you may insert your business logo and tagline, as well as your company history and awards received. Be wise and precise in adding the details because there is not much of a space provided for the mentioned information. 

    5. Proofread Attentively

    Proofreading is important and it requires you to have the presence of mind. Even though most stationaries do not contain a lot of details like professional identification cards, it must still be reviewed to ensure that it is free of errors. This is because people's impressions depend on how your stationery is presented to them. Thus, everything should be kept clear and spot-on. That said, start proofreading your design from the littlest to the noticeable details attentively.

    6. Finalize Your Work

    Make good use of a software application that you are using in saving your document. At the menu bar, click on the File button and the Save as right after. Afterward, you will have the chance to select the appropriate file format and a convenient location to save the document. Additionally, name your work accordingly to avoid confusion. If you're creating a professional fax cover, name it as such and provide a one-word description to distinguish it from the other fax covers.