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How to Create An Envelope In Pages

An envelope is a form of packing for sending letters, brochures, legal documents, invitation cards, postcards, invoices, and even money through postal services. Whether the envelope is used for important businesses, brands, or personal uses, you need to create an enticing envelope design that suits its content. Shared below is a comprehensive guide on crafting an excellent envelope. Check it out:

1. Apple Pages

If you are a Mac User, iPhone, or Ipad user, you can easily create and print a well-designed envelope through Apple Pages. This application is not only a powerful word processor but, also an alternative graphic application. You can start creating an envelope from a blank document. However, if you want a more convenient way, you can download a ready-made envelope template above which is compatible with Apple Pages. You can easily customize the texts and designs with no problem.

2. Envelope Type

Now that you're using the perfect envelope-making application, you need to determine the type of envelope you need. Envelopes come in different types. The different types of envelope cater to different kinds of documents you want to send. There are contour flap envelopes, regular envelopes, window envelopes, square envelopes, open-end envelopes, and many more to mention. To illustrate, you want to send out a greeting card; you need to use a contour flap envelope for this. You can use square envelopes if you're going to send out an unfolded document.

3. Branding Designs

If you are going to use an envelope as printed advertising material, add branding elements like company logo, company name, and business letterhead. The branding design should not be too big and not too small. The branding element should not appear as forced and out of place on your sample envelope. Also, you can incorporate your company color as the color of your envelope.

4. Envelope Markings

The incorporation of envelope mailing markings is another significant sample envelope design feature. This is an element that anyone should not overlook. If you send the envelope through the postal system, include compulsory postmarks, stamp box, and the complete address of the sender and recipient. Embed all these things on your envelope design so that you won't have an issue with mailing out your mail and direct marketing mailers in the post office.

5. Printing Material

Always finalize and save your envelope template on your MacIntosh computer or your iPhone before printing your envelope. Nothing beats the quality of the envelope material, whether it is for personal or business purposes. Choose the perfect paper stock or card stock when you print your envelope. Try using high-quality and thick paper to print any envelope as it can produce an impression of professionalism. There will be instances that your envelope needs to be printed on textured paper to match the document like Christmas cards and birthday cards.

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