How to Make a Book Cover in Apple Pages

The literal purpose of a creative book cover is to protect and bind all the pages of a particular book. However, its figurative meaning comes from our first impression after seeing its cover, either a book held by our classmates or the one that we usually glanced in the library. The cover of the book tells the readers to read it, and a good book cover captures the heart of the potential readers.

When a book cover does its work well, our curiosity drives us to read a bit. Oftentimes, the cover says everything about the book already. But how can we not judge the book by its cover, when after a glimpse of the outside has caught us so badly? Indeed, if you plan to craft the best book covers today, the layout and design matter.

Since it’s a crucial work of art to do, we’ll provide you simple steps on how to craft your best book covers in Apple Pages through our ready-made book cover templates.

1. Start Downloading has a wide variety of templates including book cover templates. All are beautifully and professionally designed that can be easily customized and edited. The purpose is to provide you a hassle-free service, but with high-quality templates. Start downloading now for free!

2. Make Sure You’re a Mac User

By using Apple Pages, this can help you craft your business book cover effectively. It’s a powerful tool that would definitely help you produce high-quality and professionally made documents. Make sure to have one in your MacBook.

3. Start Crafting in Pages

After downloading the editable book cover template that you like, open it in your Apple Pages word processor. You can now start editing some details and provide the necessary information. Be creative but don’t forget to keep the cover simple. Too much aesthetics doesn’t always look good.

4. Do the Polishing

After you have customized and made it a personalized book cover, it’s good to have a bit of rundown to what you have put in the template. Proofread and correct the errors, if there’s any.

5. You Can Consult a Friend

You can also consult a friend of yours to proofread and check it. “Two heads are better than one.” Be open to suggestions or corrections.

6. Print and Cover Your Book

After you have edited the book cover template, you’re now ready to print it. Make sure to have enough ink in your printer. Your modern book cover will surely require a lot. After printing it, protect your book and have it displayed in your bookshelf.

7. Download for More

If you have more books to cover, you can always go online. Go back to our website and download more printable book cover templates, as many as you need. You don’t have to worry since all are free.

8. Consider the Audience

In crafting a book cover, make sure to consider your readers. Is it a novel book like Harry Potter or a book for kids? Kids usually have a taste of fantasy-and-anime-type book cover.

If it’s a school book, consider a more professional book cover design and layout.

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