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How to Make a Media Kit in Apple Pages

A media kit, also known as a press kit, is a page on your digital website which contains information about your company and the services or products you offer. Media kits are useful tools to spread the word to potential clients and reach a wider audience about your products or services. If you want a journalist, blogger, or social media influencer to advertise your company's brands, then having a good press kit is imperative. To help you make a well-written and comprehensive media kit, we have prepared a short guide that you can follow. Here's how.

1. Make use of a ready-made Media Kit Template

If you're too busy to make your media kit, using a ready-made media kit template is an alternative. The purpose of utilizing a marketing template is you don't have to create the design and layout since it is already provided. With that being said, all you have to do is to replace the content with your company's information and add images. However, you must utilize the template that complements the type of your business.

2. Personalize in Apple Pages Software

Once you have downloaded a creative media kit, you can already proceed to personalize it. We recommend you use one of the best word processors, which is Apple Pages. This software has excellent full-fledged feature elements like font styles, designs, and images that you can easily use. Editing using Apple Pages is made easy since files are automatically saved, plus this is compatible with any device like Mac, iPad, iPhone, or a personal computer.

3. Attach Images into your Media Kit

Images are the representation of how your brand looks like. Thus, in adding images into your business media kit, make sure to use high-resolution ones. Journalists are also like your customers. They will not cover your product launch if they see vague images in your media kit. So if you want a journalist or a blogger to write an article about your product in their online blog, then you have to impress them.

4. Prepare the Content for your Media Kit

This phase is essential since this is where you market your brands. You must deliberately provide an overview of your company's mission and vision. Include information about your products and services, the pricing, and product descriptions. If you are advertising your travel services, write in your printable template the details of the packages you offer. Make sure to write your content comprehensively so people will understand.

5. Review and you're Good to Go

Before posting your media kit into your website, you must first proofread it. Doing so will allow you to identify if there are lacking information and correct errors in grammar or spelling. Failure to fact-check your media kit will result in confusing your audience. And instead of gaining prospects and increase sales, your services or products might not be a big hit for your customers. Once you're satisfied with your media kit document, you can already post it into your website.

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